Monday, February 25, 2013

Lotsa dots....

I was asked to make a BIG painting for our Confirmation Retreat. So I went BIG!
I bought a large piece of luan paneling, primed it and went crazy with the spouncer.
Since I am in a gray phase and have cans of gray paint underfoot from the  bathroom paint job I decided to go tone on tone with it.


A squiggly white border that will be black and white in the end.

Laying out the images and text...

Micah 6:8 was the verse for the 24 hour retreat.

It's getting colorful and more pattern going on....

I love it when you start pulling the painters tape off the stripes.... so fun...

And GLITTER!!!!!

And here is a terrible, blurry iphone picture of it in place at the retreat. In the art area because all 90 plus of the attendees made their own Micah 6:8 canvas! With their own handprints and footprints. They loved it ( except for the one preteen boy who told me "That's not happening" when I told him he was supposed to paint his foot and print on a canvas!) Getting messy was a nice break from all the study and made us giggle.

Some of us were ticklish so we really giggled!!

Some of us got help painting our feet and some of us figured out how to do it ourselves!!
But all of them turned out great and they loved taking home a finished painting at the end of the retreat.
One girl told us that her feet were still a little bit blue ( after 2 showers)  on Sunday morning at Sunday School :)

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  1. Outstanding way to make worship art for the creative side of students and their leaders. Great idea!