Monday, February 4, 2013

Too Ombre or Not to Ombre??

That is the question.
I just don't know.
Also if you text people asking them for help with your ombre dilemma it autocorrects to "hombre."
So do I "hombre" or not?

So here is the dresser in the awkward "do I move forward stage or do I stop and go with the main color" and move on since no one else really seems to find this ombre dilemma as riveting as I do.
I think I have to see it "ombred" to know. New word.
Speaking of new words - I am hooked on this this blog
and  have been reading so much about her life in France that I looked at a car ad today and saw "LE GROOM" instead of legroom. In my defense it was in all caps!
I gotta get out of those paint fumes!

Is this what progress looks like? Yikes.
And there's that poor plant again. Last night I shoved it in the shower.
And the fabric I found at HobLob to recover a lampshade.It's the perfect gray.
 Used my coupon app :) 
 It was less than $3.00

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