Tuesday, May 21, 2013

School's Out For Summer....

... but we painted one last time! You can thank me later for having that Alice Cooper classic stuck in your head. I can't help humming that this time of year! I Love Summer!


This time the project was a Sharpie and watercolor resist step-by-step painting. Sharpies are my all time favorite art supply. I have zillions- can't help myself.
For this project we used very nice heavy weight water color paper, mostly liquid watercolors from Dick Blick ( had to make my own blue and dark brown from tubes I picked up at DB) and my recycled containers. I wish schools had budgets for better brushes :) It makes a difference.
This project was about shapes and counting and mixing colors and Spring and birds and listening to directions. I drew on an easel at the front of the class while they listened, made decisions and followed along. We started with an oval in the middle of the page and then drew 3 small ovals in the center ( at this point some of them guessed a nest painting!)

Even though we followed along together, each painting turned out uniquely and so like their personalities. You'll see what I mean...

Absolutely LOVE this one... it reminds me of Shel Silverstein illustrations :) I also am intrigued that he painted a blue rectangle around his oval eggs instead of painting each one.

This one reminds me of barbed wire...

Very precise and uniform - so like the artist and polar opposite of the one that reminds me of Shel Silverstein...

They loved this project. They all turned out so fabulously and everyone felt successful

Very decorative pattern on this nest

Another favorite. It's like a nest having a bad hair day!

I would totally frame this one :)

PS. No, I did not post the pictures in mirror image. They painted those beautiful watercolors but they are young enough that several write their names backwards still.

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