Friday, August 9, 2013

Let's Catch Up...

Another title could be: A Ridiculously Long Post with an Obnoxious Amount of Pictures! ( prepare to scroll quickly!!)

It's been a crazy summer and a lot has been happening since I last blogged so,
let's catch up shall we?

Went to our favorite hang out at the lake. They goofed around.
We made hundreds, no thousands, of lunches for the Summer Lunch program at our local homeless shelter. I wish I could remember how many ounces of PB and J we used :)

It rained sooooo much but my hydrangeas and ferns were huge.
 ( My weeds were too, but let's not talk about that!!)

I scrapbooked a few nights in July and that was it. I'm so far behind.

I washed rocks. Yes, you read that correctly. Clean rocks for VBS #1.

They were in town again- actually for a funeral :( but we grabbed a burger.
College Girl makes a lot of silly faces for the camera. Harrison not so much :)

She does take non-silly pictures too. Occasionally :)

Painted College Girl's bathroom ceiling very, very pale yellow - her fav color !
Bad iphone pic on a rainy day, but it is pretty!

Went with Dad to the favorite hangout at the marina on the lake.

Finished updating the "MASH "sign  in the backyard. It has only beaches that we have all 3 visited together. Some we have been to multiple times but there are 23 beaches that we have visited in less than 22 years. Unfortunately, we did not add a new one this Summer :(  It was fun to reminisce about all the great beaches we have gotten our toes wet on!
Could not get a grip on the fact that Christmas stuff was out full force before July 4th!

Had a great time at Kingdom Rock VBS.
We made Shields of Faith with handprint crosses in the center. Messy fun!

College Girl popped in to town for the last 2 days of VBS
 and then we met up with a great friend one night at a local Mexican place.

Took College Girl on a Mother/Daughter Secret Destination Weekend. She had no clue where we were going until we rolled into the Chi Omega National headquarters
 in Memphis TN.
I pulled off the surprise!! She looks so cute because I made her change in a gas station bathroom right outside of town!! I knew she would have a fit if she showed up at Chi O in norts and a big ol' t-shirt!!

After a great time at Chi O we headed downtown to the Peabody for the Parade of Ducks.
 Not to be missed. No kidding.

We had a great time at the Peabody. It is an amazing hotel.

Elvis was kind of off her radar but she was amazed
by the thousands of people standing in line to visit Graceland.

The Mighty Mississippi at Mud Island.

Popped over to Tunica, MS.
Trips change after your child turns 21 :)
PS. I didn't win a dime!! Never do.

Came home and had another art camp called " What-a-melon!"
 This one was about working wet on wet and blending colors.
The paintings turned out fabulously!

Tried the sparkler art off of Pinterest on the porch because ALL fireworks in the Atlanta are were cancelled due to rain and storms :( 
Weird ( but still fun) 4th of July - so damp and chilly we actually had Chili for dinner and watched DVD's.

Worked on a little landscaping project in the side yard in between rain storms.
Trying to tame some mud #2bighairydogs #bigdoggiefeet #whiteslipcovers

Went on a mission trip where we painted a house pink. Yep.

College Girl had to go Gluten Free so we spent two whole days at Whole Foods learning, shopping and trying samples. Easier than we thought :)

I was invited to teach a paper mosaic art project at a neighboring church.

A little art project at VBS #2.

Quick visit from CG involved slurping some oysters. Yum.

Kate Spade loveliness in the new Premium Outlets of Atlanta
that opened up 15 minutes from our house. CG is ecstatic!!!!

Painted a baby gift and went to a shower and Levi is arriving tonight!!!

Bought this delicious set of watercolors at Michael's for $5.00. I know, right?

Went to a huge inflatable waterslide at the lake on about the only sunny day in July.
It thundered when we started to leave. Lucky us!!!!

"Ombre-ed" ( is that a verb now?) a couple of
IKEA dressers for College Girls new place.
 She had been wanting soething "ombre-ed" since this dresser was painted.

Another Art Camp - "The Name Game" 
 Picture will not rotate. #Bloggerhatesmetoday

Went to see the "Grands" as CG calls them and drove through the mountains of NC
 with misty clouds all around. It was beautiful.

Visited my sister and brother-in-laws' farm and
 saw their beautiful wildflowers and their camel, Cleo.

Went over to Charlottesville from the Grands' to visit another national headquarters -
this time Kappa Sigma - in honor of our favorite Kappa Sig.
 College Girl wore her Sweetheart Court jersey for the pics :)

And in between all of that I have been running around presenting at conferences...
 more on that in another post on another day!

Whew! There will never be another post with this many pictures. I promise.
It took forever and this is probably more than anyone cares
 to know about us ( except maybe my mother!!!)

That's our Summer in a nutshell 
(there were a few more highlights, but see above. Enough already)
And why a Summer wrap up before mid-August? Well, we have all gone back to school in the 91 degree heat and, therefore, Summer is technically over :(
Sad ,but true.

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