Friday, August 30, 2013

I Don't Transition Well....

I don't. I accept it.
I do not transition well from Summer to colder weather.
And by colder I mean anything below about 70 degrees.
I'm a Summer-y beach girl
and, while I am all about 3 day weekends,
Labor Day is seen as the end of Summer.

So, while I like a cook out and the big art show on the square in town, the actual idea of the end of Summer being tied to this weekend makes it not my favorite. We have had cool, rainy weather and my friends are blowing up FB about pumpkin spice lattes and Fall and it makes me a tiny bit grumpy. Sorry. True story. ( I am a child of the South so, even though it's a bit contradictory, I am, however, completely jazzed about SEC football.)

So that everyone can understand my inability to transition well,
I am posting a salute to my porch.
 It is where we spend most of our time. We even use it in the cold- we have had Christmas, New Years and St. Patrick's Day parties on the porch. In the South it can be warm at those times or not. Just in case, we have heaters. In our family we go kicking and screaming if we have to vacate the porch. We sit out there in the rain and I will wrap up in a blanket to drink coffee and read blogs well into November, even December. People even call and say, "We're having a get together... on your porch!!"  LOL. Fine by me.

We call it the 'Jimmy Buffett Back Porch.' If you get within a mile on a hot, Summer day you can hear JB tunes blasting through the porch speakers. We think he'd be proud.

On the left you can just see the pool table covered with a blue tarp. It gets a lot of use. Challenges are made and games get intense.
When it's not being used it becomes my gigantic work table. Pretty handy spot to paint.

It just grew from an 8 x 8 basic builder deck tacked on to the back of the house. My husband is a contractor and he just kept bringing home lumber from completed jobs and we kept building, painting, and furnishing.
It is quirky but it is the scene of great times. 

This was a gift (he claims we stole it but who can run off with a 6 foot lobster??!!??) from a friend used to work for a seafood restaurant. This is a 6 foot tall wooden lobster. We changed the paint job from red to pink and he became our pink crustacean!

Many nights on the porch look like this.
The furniture was just accumulated and can't be hurt.
Every item has a bit of a story and we have used just about every "fun" color of spray paint revamping it. We just drag the furniture all over and get comfy.
BTW, Biscuit loves the porch and his foot is better. He's a cone head in this pic.

College Girl calls these three "the siblings she never had" :)  They are siblings.

And this is where the cooking happens. It is an addition on one side that we built just for grilling. It has a tin roof ( fabulous in the rain ) and holds multiple grills, including the mac daddy one behind them, and multiple chefs. The food they turn out - crazy good. We built this addition for College Girl's HS grad party because we had 200 plus in the yard and on the porch and serious grilling happened.

Here we are last December having a sit down meal at the big table on the porch -
room for 12. (It was probably a Low Country Boil- happens a lot!!)
We can squeeze in more, so come on.
Notice the lack of coats.

The porch gets its own Christmas d├ęcor.
Anyone have a gas insert they want to sell?? I want to kick that faux fireplace up a notch.


This is the opposite side with our hanging bed. I've shown you this before.

World's greatest nap spot.

So, Happy Labor Day Weekend!
If you need me .... I'll be on the porch.
and if I'm a little grumpy as it cools off, sorry, but at least now you get it :)


  1. I'm SO with you! We just build a new deck this Summer and I'm going to miss it when winter comes around. The good news though is that since I'll be stuck inside so much I'll hopefully be able to knock some to do projects off my list:)

  2. I get where you are coming from as I don't do well
    with the heat and humidity. It makes me very grumpy.
    I look forward to cooler temps.
    Your porch looks like fun. Enjoy!