Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feeling A Teensy Bit.....

... Famous!!
A few weeks ago I was contacted by the blogger who writes and manages All Free Kids Crafts. She wanted to know if she could feature some of my recycle crafts.
Of course, I said "Of Course!" 
Today I was scrolling through FB and there was a picture of my bottle cap rainbow project on her post!!
Amazing Cap Rainbow
She has a bazillion followers so it was exciting to see my project on her page!
And a few weeks ago I was contacted by the owner of the  Kipling House , which is the cutest little art studio/crafting cottage ever.
The Kipling House - Marietta, GA
See. Yellow front door love.
 They invited me to teach some classes for adults and we are starting off with an owl painting project and I ended up on their FB page yesterday, too.
This is pretty exciting for someone who usually just hangs out in paint spattered clothes!!
Check out both sites... they are fun!
So, "famous" being relative ... I was feeling a teensy bit famous
 in my little world today!
PS. I have been verrrry busy pulling together a few things for College Girl's new place so it can be finished before classes start in a few weeks.
 I've put some pics on mollie's mom FB page and Instagram.
I love Instagram. I check it more than FB. More pictures. Less opinions. Ha!

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