Thursday, July 31, 2014

Whole Lotta Burlap

In addition to painting on furniture,
a "whole lotta burlap paintin' been goin' on."

We started waaaay back with hearts for Valentine's Day.

We got "stripey" (cause I will stripe pretty much anything.)

Then I decided to add an initial
and it would make the heart work for a little longer than just Feb. 14th.

Next up, a burlap heart class. 
They always turn out so differently but each one is so cute!

I love the black and white stripes in the back. This lady drove 2 hours to attend a class that started at 9 am on a Saturday morning. And then she was super creative.

Well, the ladies wanted to make something Springy that wasn't strictly "Easter-y."
So cute carrots it is!

They all turned out so well - more pictures are on madebymolliesmom on Instagram.

Vegetables were followed by fruit.

In case you have not noticed, I use Sherwin Williams Color To Go to paint my burlap door hangers.
 Actually, it's my favorite paint for canvases, too.
I have a SW fan deck in my car and in my studio. All those colors. So inspirational.
(They do not pay me to say this, it's just my favorite paint.)

I actually got a burlap door hanger on my own door this Summer!!

College Girl was in town so she came along to class and 
painted a watermelon for a friend who couldn't make it.

Ms. Dawn this fruit's for you.

Again, a lot of variation but each one turns out great.

 We had to offer the watermelon class twice so this time College Girl decided to paint a burlap door hanger for her place. 
Not being a fan of watermelon as art or food she decided to go with a peach!

 As we say in the South, It turned out stinking cute!!
The gray checkerboard border makes it for me (all her idea!!)

Before long we will be painting owls (but in Fall-ish colors) or candy corn!
As crazy as that seems ... school starts here on Monday. In August. And Hobby Lobby has already put out Halloween and Christmas items. Yikes!!
That means Summer is pretty much over as far as our mindset goes - just not as far as the hot weather  goes.


  1. You are right...these are stinking cute! I love being from the south & feeling comfortable using that phrase. Do you stuff your burlap hangers or do you just use 1 layer of the burlap? I have an overload of burlap at my house from my son's Eagle Scout ceremony & thought this would be a great way to use up burlap, make cute hangers for my K class, my house, and maybe some gifts.

  2. Looks like some stinking cute fun!
    Very creative folks there.

    M :)

  3. Quick Question - what do you use to attach the front and back burlap pieces? I have tried hot glue and it comes apart when hung on my front door in the hot afternoon sun? I have was priming my burlap prior to painting to so that may have something to do with it???

  4. Your burlap door hangers are precious! I noticed you paint them before you cut them out how do you finish them? Do I need to stuff before I cut out or after? Thanks!!!❤️