Saturday, March 21, 2015

Painted Furniture. And Frames.

This sideboard was an awful color but had great lines.
The requested color was Lusty Red (Sherwin Williams)
We styled it up a couple of different ways in the studio. Just for fun.

This was a very old but cute little piece.
 It was dark and beat up
 so we gave it a "peachy" outlook on life.
 It's actually Sherwin Williams Coral reef.

These are grainy iPhone pics. Sorry they aren't better because the colors are great.
And I am so sorry that I don't have any before pictures or better after pictures of this turquoise ombre dresser.
A client found it on a trash pile and brought it by for us to "save."
 She thought we could do something to it and it would probably sell in the shop.
She couldn't bear to see it go to the dump.
Sell it did, in less than 3 days!

There were 2 of these.
 They were an orange-y stain color. And pretty rustic.
 A coat of khaki paint and they were headed off to perk up
 a client's daughter's college apartment.
 A great size to fit in a small apartment and great storage as well.
This dry sink was stained a yellow, early American color.
The customer is going to use it for a coffee bar in her kitchen
now that it has some personality.
The recessed 'sink" area is lined with a nice, heavy duty copper tray
 so it's perfect for a coffee bar!!
And we painted stacks of those bright brassy gold frames that are everywhere right now!
Some had mirrors in them and the empty ones we fitted with chalkboard panels!
Everyone wanted ornate chalkboards.
Especially for Christmas décor.

We painted them grays, creams and khaki colors.
One right after another.
And if I had a few minutes to spare I doodled on the chalkboards!!

It would be fun to paint one of these frames a bright Spring-y color or glossy white
 and put a Summer bucket list on it!!

I'll let you know if I find one to paint a fun color.

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