Monday, April 27, 2015

Reward System

Just about an hour after College Girl hit the submit button for her Senior Thesis
 last week her Mac crashed.

I think it was just too much stress for one laptop. 
I know it was for the writer of said thesis and her mom :)
Help needed. 
We did everything we could via online and phone tech support
 but sadly it was time for a trip to Apple at Lenox!!
This is not a quick trip or fix but I will say that Apple has the best customer service 
of any company I have ever dealt with. 
Hands down.

I sat at the Genius Bar for quite some time while a nice genius named Kyle tried to make the laptop all better and make me understand what he was talking about.
I have no doubt they will fix the laptop 
but I'm not sure I will ever understand what all they were talking about :)

So what's this about a reward system? 
Anytime I have to visit Apple at Lenox and sit there for an hour and a half while they do all that tech stuff and tell me all that tech talk and I'm on sensory overload because there are a zillion people being tech-y, I reward myself by popping in to a cute little Buckhead shop that appeals to the other side of my brain!! 

I did run through Anthropologie at Lenox to grab a Bridal Shower gift for one of College Girl's sisters
 and the colors in this painting caught my eye.
And then I got out of the mall as fast as I could 
and I popped in to Boxwoods.

There's a blue room filled with hydrangeas 
and enough blue and white ginger jars and chinoiserie platters to fill a museum. 
All arranged in this tiny blue room.
I wish the picture were better of that chandelier! 
It was all gold and Greek Key-ish. And big!

If blue is not your thing then wander into ...

...the green room with a green glass chandy that was incredibly sparkly.
It made me think of  Oz!!!
And for some reason I really like green pottery artichokes. 
I have for years. Do you?

And then my idea of Shangri-La! 
A potting shed like no other. 
To get there you pass through a work room where they are assembling custom arrangements in tureens and silver bowls and all sort of containers for special occasions. 
And then there are plants of every type arranged like a still life painting. 
And the topiaries. Oh my!
I think topiaries are fabulous.

And containers of every type to put your plants in. The turquoise display caught my eye. 

And they had some amazing bamboo pieces and delightful garden furniture and outdoor accents but by this time I was so happy I forgot to take any more pictures!!

An excellent reward system, if I do say so myself!

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