Monday, January 18, 2016

It's Not Even Valentine's Day Yet...

... But I have fallen in love.

And hard.

With the couch of my dreams.

I didn't know it existed in real life but I have dreamed of it.

I have loved bamboo and wicker and rattan as long as I can remember.
I mean like from childhood.
 ( I was born in Charleston, SC,
 my parents dipped me in the saltwater early in my life
 and a beach girl I have remained.) 
Image result for vintage cane and bamboo sofas


 Even if I could find one of those bamboo/rattan/wicker/caning settees,
 they are too fragile and not comfy enough for a day of watching the SEC
 or binge watching Downton Abbey or Parenthood.

And then, somehow through the magic of blogs and Pinterest, I found this dream sofa.
The One!!
How did I not know about you??
You are everything I love in a sofa. 
The  caning and wood combo of my dreams. 
And White slipcovered cushions
 (we are those people with two big dogs who think they are humans)
 and comfy for binge watching Netflix or snoozing. 

Oh how I love thee.
In fact I love everything in the Stuart Membery Collection.
 I want to live in the pictures in the catalog
I want to work for that company.
I want to look at that furniture all day long -
I practically have been because it's cold and I want to be where these pictures were taken.


Yep, All kinds of good right there :)

This couch will remain the couch of my dreams because, you see ,this couch starts it's life in Indonesia. And you can buy it directly from the factory and have it shipped. If you win the lottery. It's a lovely website and they clearly explain how to go about purchasing their goods and  finding a shipping company.

From the Q and A section of the delightful Stuart Membery site:

I have not shipped product from Asia before - Can you help?
If you do not have a shipping company we can recommend our preferred shipping company in Indonesia. We have built a solid relationship with them. We will liaise with our preferred shipping company on your behalf.

I, also, have not shipped from Asia.
How about you?
( But isn't that furniture dream worthy??)

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