Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Makes Me Want To Paint!!

It's all  that New Year/fresh start stuff 
and it makes me want to paint !!

My view every morning! I paint. I shower. I go to work!

Plus every paint company and Pantone are releasing their "Colors of the Year"!
And I am happy about the whites!!
Everything just feels so clean and organized after you paint, purge and move back in to a space.
College Girl graduated in July, had a short term recruiting job at her university for a few months and then landed a job in Midtown Atlanta.

Her lease in the college town ended 12/31, the commute was a bit much even though she loved Carrollton and her years there, so she's moving home to save some $$ so she can move into her own place.
If you want to feel better about any bills you are paying them "google" rents
inside the Perimeter in Atlanta and you will instantly feel better.
You will also see why she has to live at home and save for a bit.
So another move for College Girl.
If you follow on IG then you know that a much used hashtag in our lives is
Not kidding.

To make living at home after having your own 2 bedroom townhouse for 2 years a little more appealing we have cleared out the guest bedroom across from her childhood bedroom and created a little "suite" for her - bedroom and sitting room and the bath next door which we just glammed up in the Fall 2015 ORC. See below!!

I started painting the room that will be her sitting room in December as we were moving our stuff out, her stuff in and all the other craziness that goes on at Christmas time.
It's all fresh and white. 

(This room will become the sitting room.)

And while the 5 gallon bucket of white paint is upstairs...

Goodbye yellow stripe accent wall in the bedroom!!
You were fun but it's time.

Now it's all freshly painted white and ready for the star of the room:

The vintage wicker headboard that I found in perfect condition at Goodwill for -
 I did not make this up!! - $24.96. 
It was an amazing day of thrifting!
Sadly, I actually had to leave great stuff behind. 

Mollie loves it and her bedroom is slowly coming together as well. 

The faux bamboo dresser and lamp are from previous lucky thrifting days!!
I can be in and out of a Goodwill in 10 minutes!!! It's like I'm on a mission!!

And Mollie and I hit 3 Homegoods in 2 days to scoop up all the great knob possibilities for a dresser update going on on the other side of the room. 
More on that later but look at all this hardware goodness. 

Don't worry. We are going to be returning some of these!!
It'll be hard - but we don't need them all :)

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