Tuesday, August 9, 2016

more from my iphone...

If you need us for the next two weeks...
We have our feet propped up, fans blowing straight at us 
( It's been over 95 waaaay too often), 
appetizers made and the Olympics on the porch TV!!
(and, yes, the cords are unattractive but necessary to get Rio on our porch!)

This IG account has the most colorful, fun, eye candy posts!!

Trying to stay out of politics and controversial world events 
but maybe if we all practiced this quote everyday then things would be better. 
And I might add, if you don't think you see something beautiful to mention about a person then keep quiet!

Went to a cool burger place the other night with these three beauties. 
Girl talk and catching up.
Moxie Burger, if you are in Roswell or Marietta, is delicious!!
And they have GF buns and a turkey burger!!
Major props on that.

(And can I just say that the young lady on the left is wrapping up an internship at the CDC and the young lady on the right is on scholarship to College of Charleston? And they both took a week off from studies and summer jobs, etc. to do a week of mission work.)

And Mollie graduated a year ago in July. Wow!! Time flies.
The reminder showed up on FB's Time Hop last week. 

We celebrated with a Low Country Boil
We are gearing up for another one when it cools off a bit because I bought shrimp when I was in Charleston a few weeks ago!!

And the Boules Court got lights this past week so things are looking up in our backyard.
 I blogged about the early stages and it wasn't this pretty!

We've already had a ton of fun on it - our Honduras Mission Team had a reunion Saturday night and the court got plenty of play and the porch was full of fun people and good food. And it was hot ( like Honduras hot!!)

(Isn't the ladder an attractive touch? We have a little  somewhat large roof/storm damage issue going on.
 UGG! Two steps forward, one step back!)

I finally got my pelican print framed. I've had it for ages... I like big shore bird pictures
What can I say?
It has ended up in the Black is Back Library - for now.
 I intended it for another spot but we are liking where it's perched for now.

And I found a fabulous bamboo dresser for a steal on a thrifting app on my iphone. 
 It got a little cleaning and a glossy coat of paint last week. 
And last but not least...

A copper flamingo punch bowl!!! 
Talk about coveting something frivolous!!!
I can't stand how awesome that is.
Oh, the frozen punches I could serve out of that!!!

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