Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The 25 mph Wicker Bar

 That title makes you wonder doesn't it?
So here's the story:
(and some "styled up" images at the end!! #potential)
Several weeks ago I found a wicker bar on the app Offer Up for literally nothing.
I messaged the listing party because Mollie absolutely loved it.
Remember she's living at home right now and 
90% of her life is in a storage unit a mile from our house. 
She's saving to move downtown but it is ridiculous to find anything affordable in  ATL.
The guy messaged back. Yes, the price was correct.
I messaged back that I wanted it get it for my daughter but it happened to be the week I was in charge of a mission fundraiser yard sale at church.
 I was literally camped out at church nonstop.
The guy messaged back that he could meet me in a public parking lot
 after my loooong yard sale hours.
I messaged back that it looked like I could get there in 35 to 45 minutes.
We agreed on the place and time.
The time: Friday afternoon about 5.
Have you ever been in Atlanta at 5 pm???
I was late. He waited.
It missed fitting in my car by l inch. For real.

(Won't it be fabulous when she has a place to put it 
and get's it all stocked and accessorized?? It's going to put the trendy bar cart to shame!!)

My husband was out of town. I had driven forever to reach the meeting place.
I had a comforter in the car.
The guy was willing to follow me to the next parking lot so I could buy rope to tie the wicker bar to the top of my car. 
Probably won't tell my husband this part.
No rope at the store. I bought the only package of bungee cords
 they had for an outrageous price.
It was somewhat secure after we hefted it on top of my car and used our limited number of bungee cords.
The plan was for me to drive to the Wal-Mart .5 miles down the road and buy more bungees.
Long story short:
I finally got some cord and another bungee 
and personally tied that thing up like a roped steer.
That's the picture I should have taken!!!
(Remember this thing was practically free + cost of bungee cords!! Who knew?)
And then in crazy Friday afternoon traffic I started home.... at 25 mph.
 It was a bit precarious up on top.
People were nice. I hit the side roads with stop and go traffic and I made it home.... eventually.
If you were waiting for someone to get home on Friday night and they were late and told you a tale about a little white car with a gigantic wicker bar that is so awesome tied to the top of the car and driving so slowly, too, and made traffic slower than normal then believe them.  
 It's true.
 But the bar is a amazing. Mollie loves it and some of those ATL commuters were checking out that awesome wicker monstrosity on the roof of the car. 

Look at the possibilities:

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Found on Pinterest but originally from my beloved Stuart Membery 

vintage wicker elephant bar:
Mollie's bar isn't elephant shaped but how could I not share this image?
 It's perfect from the coral lamp to the fact that it's a huge wicker elephant.

Bunny Williams - RULES TO LIVE BY - Mark D. Sikes: Chic People, Glamorous Places, Stylish Things:

The stocked South Seas bar cart by Serena & Lily brings the party outdoors.:

Location. Location. Location.
*Have bar ( and bungee cords). Will  travel to your waterfront location.

Bar Cart! For those who don't have a bar area in their home... this portable one is perfect!:

Black rattan is never wrong.

Rattan Bar Station - NEW:

This one is from Wisteria and was originally $500.00.
Even with the added cost of bungee cords I paid so much less. Like less than 1/10. 


  1. Mollie is so lucky to have a Mom like you !

    1. :) Awww. Thank you. We have a ton of fun together!