Wednesday, August 17, 2016

National Thrift Shop Day!

I saw on Instagram earlier that it is #nationalthriftshop day.
That's a holiday I can get behind!
So in honor of the day I decided to post about one of my "newest" vintage finds.

 My husband actually found this wicker couch. 
In perfect condition.
 For $45.00
He sent me a picture and I loved it and then I said don't get it.
 I really didn't have a spot for it. It's big and solid and heavy.
 The cushions needed to be recovered. 

You can't keep buying fabulous vintage wicker if you don't have a place for it - said no one ever. 
But I did. And then I was sorry all night!! I won't do it again. 
I told him I made a mistake but it wasn't meant to be because I'm sure its gone. 
Trying to be philosophical and self - soothe. 
(Didn't really help but I was trying to be an adult about it.)
But he went back the next morning, it was there and he got an over 50 discount so- tada!! 
It was mine for under $40.00!!!!!!

Then last week before we had a large group over I decide to stay up half the night 
and make some slipcovers for the cushions 
which were in good shape foam-wise but the fabric covers were not good at all.
Here's a pic taken at 11 p.m. as I was getting started. 
Porch light is all the light to be had for the photo op!

So it was late, last minute and, oh yeah, I don't sew.
I'm a sewing faker. 
However, we have the internet and I found this amazing tutorial and I followed it.

I used a drop cloth from Sherwin Williams that I had on hand - cause, you know, midnight.

I couldn't believe how amazing the tutorial was.
 It was quick
 ( I still have to go back and finish the handstitching on the back. A few still have "temporary" safety pins. It was midnight on Thursday before we had forty people for dinner on Saturday, so... pins) and I think they look amazing.

And worked a lot better for me than the $45.00 plus fabric quote I got per cushion when I started pricing "real slipcovers!" 

And then since I was in a major time crunch I decided to pull down my "stash" and make envelope covers for some IKEA pillow forms I had on hand!

This vintage beauty is big - stretch out and nap big. 
Don't worry- I sprayed the cushions with wrinkle relaxer before everyone came over. :)

Thank you Thrift Shops for existing!!
I'm glad you got your day!!

PS. Can you spy Biscuit in a couple of pics??
He is our porch dog. He loves it out there!!


  1. And I love how you roll - it's amazing! Happy Thursday!

  2. Oh you lucky lucky girl. I would give anything to have that! I have looked for one for years and years.

    1. I know!!! Don't give up - keep hanging out at Goodwill. You never know. I can't imagine giving that up, can you?? But I'm glad they did!!

  3. I cannot believe you have your husband searching for wicker pieces, too ! NO FAIR ! The sofa looks amazing.

    1. :)))) Thank you! And Diane, he's not supposed to buy without first sending a picture and getting 'approval" LOL However he has knocked it out of the park on some blue and white pieces he has surprised me with!! #thriftingwithiphones

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