Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge - Sources and Details

This room was definitely about creativity over cash.

It was a refresh not a remodel
Bathrooms can be big money projects. 
I would have loved to rip out the 80's garden tub, move the shower, put in new sinks and countertops... On and on. 
But this was not that project.

So, this is what I did to make the room more "us" and to work creatively with what was staying.
And none of these sources are sponsors ( Don't I wish?). They are just what I liked and used.

I love black and white floors. These have been in there for 20 plus years. They are a pain to clean but I chose them and I think every bathroom floor is a pain to clean.
 Or every one I've  ever cleaned anyway :)

The seagrass rug was less than $20.00 back in the Summer. 
I bought it at IKEA on a whim to see if it would fit and warm up the space. It fit like it was custom made. We have too many spots that would need a small rug: 2 sinks, shower door and garden tub area. Too many little rugs.

The zebra rug was purchased for the Black is Back Library ORC. It was on clearance on Overstock and was the splurge for that room. 
Then didn't make the cut when we found an indoor outdoor rug at Target 
and it was so right for the library. 
Its been hanging out looking for a home. This may be it.
It juuuuust fits. Just.

The white garden stool was marked down to less than $10.00 at Home Depot last year.
I went in for bug spray and came out with that. 
The blue and white chinoiserie planter was thrifted. $19 something. 
I wanted a board across the tub for magazines or a glass a wine or whatever 
if I actually ever soak in the tub. It's just a 1 x1 0 cut to size and gloss poly on it.
 I would like something bamboo or live edge or something 
but this works and we had the board in the basement.

The huge mirror on the back wall was once a deep coral (SW Rejuvenate) and was propped on the counter.
When I decided the cabinet was going to be Sherwin Williams Ravishing Coral I knew the mirror needed to take a step back. It was gorgeous but I wanted the china cabinet to really stand out.

So I primed the big mirror and painted it the soft blue of the ceiling 
mixed with white paint I had.
I wanted it to be just barely not white. It's the perfect size to check your outfit for the day.
I bought this mirror 3 or 4 years ago from one of Mollie's sorority sisters for $50.00.
It's massive and well made. I love it!

The banana palm fabric was a remnant left from a previous project. I decided at the last minute to make the cornices so I had to use something I had on hand. 
It really made a big difference in how the windows looked. 
The bamboo shades are from Home Depot. Less than $15.00 each. 

The mermaid painting, the bamboo mirror which is one of my favorites and the large seascape to the far right are all thrifted. The seashell mirror was $1.51 and the bamboo shelf was less than $20.00. I bought it a couple of years ago at a favorite shop.

The little hanging bamboo basket was a Goodwill find and I knew it would be great for a plant.
Plants love the humidity in a bathroom!

Both bamboo trays were thrifted. The one on the vanity was originally Pier 1.
The blue and white in the room was found thrifting as were the tortoiseshell glasses. 
They were originally Pier 1 (the one on the tub tray) and World Market (on the vanity.)

I found lots of wicker suitcases to use as storage in the china cabinet.
I found all of them at Goodwill for less than $5.00 each.
You may remember the gold pineapple. ( I just found another one - I may paint it white!)

And the best for last...

I found this cabinet about 1 hour after it had been listed on a thrifting app on my iphone. 
I couldn't believe my eyes. 
I messaged her that I wanted it - she still had it.
 I called my husband and said we needed to go get it before she changed her mind.
 It was too good to be true. 
About an hour later her husband helped us load it up. 
It weighs a zillion pounds. 
They didn't think it was all that special - lucky me!!
I purchase her in her former faded yellow-y state for...

Fifty dollars!!!!
I was doing the happy dance when I got that thing in my possession!!

I should have just said I found everything while out cruising thrift shops and GW.
Almost true. 
Everything was on sale, or hanging around the house or thrifted.
Very few things were even purchase in the last 6 weeks - 
this fabric is one thing that I did go looking for once the ORC began.
 Once I saw it! I was all in. 

But, true to form, it was on sale during the month of October for $18.25 a yard!!
So get creative, shop the house, paint things 
and you can make a room feel new and great with very little cost!

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