Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Could Not Make This Stuff Up. Really.

I promise this is a true story.

Last week I was running to Home Depot like a crazy person
and I passed by one of my favorite thrift stores.
I tried to talk myself out of stopping because time was flying by.
I didn't convince myself. 
I stopped.
I found these: 

A pair!! Yay.
And I have a spot for them so I felt good about the whole thing.
 See? I was right to take a minute and stop by.

Well, there's a Goodwill between that stop and home. 
I told myself I had already stopped once and bought something
 so just get home and get stuff done.
And then, I am not making this up,
I said to myself, "What if my dream bamboo kitchen table is in there? I better stop in!"

And I walked in and saw this...

For real.
I cannot make this stuff up.*

It is sooo sturdy.
 Not a wiggle in any of the chairs. 
Some wear and tear but I'll get to work on that and getting those seats recovered.

So now the fabric hunt begins.
Oh, what fun!!

*This really happened!!

1 comment:

  1. And that is why you just have to pop in! What great finds!