Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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We spent Thanksgiving Week here:

We were thankful to be at the beach with family and for so much more!

I posted about finding a pair of beautiful, vintage chinoiserie lamps.
Then I posted a PSA on IG about rewiring your vintage finds. My husband said these would have caused a fire if I had plugged them in - they were in terrible shape wiring-wise :(
So be sure to rewire. It's easy. There are step by step kits at places like Home Depot or ask a handy friend for help.
You'll be seeing them in their rewired beauty in upcoming Christmas decor photos, I'm sure. I love them!

My sister and I got up early on Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week
 to again join Charleston Basket Brigade in their tremendous effort 
to feed the hungry families of the Lowcountry.
 That is just a small portion of the over 1600 frozen turkeys we bagged and boxed!!
And a shout out to the Coast Guard squad that shows up every year to do the heavy lifting!!

And while on the subject of the biggest eating holiday and hunger:

I really liked that quote. So true!

And back to food: 
We went to the Darling Oyster House on King Street in Charleston.
I hate to be corny (not really) but it was darling and delicious.
 We all loved it! Highly recommend it!

This is the back wall of The Darling. I want it in my house!

I'm making some of these. Cause, you know, everyone else is.

They are fun and quick and I hope they make it onto a tree soon :)
Christmas decorating is definitely on slow speed around here!

And I'm watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix with Mollie cause, you know, everyone else is.

Image result for gilmore girls images

I hope my next post is about Christmas Decorations. 
At my house. Completed. We will see!

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