Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring 2017 ORC "Half The Time" Project~ Week Two

Do not think that just because I am revisiting a previous ORC Challenge room 
that there isn't painting or mucking out to be done!
Sadly, there is plenty of mucking to do.
I let this room become a resting place for homeless items 
during the dresser shuffle downstairs 
and some reorganizing upstairs and the Christmas boxes on the way back to the attic. 
Did she just say Christmas???

Image result for hoarding picture
(Not quite this bad... stock photo. But sometimes I feel this way!)

Moving on...
I found this chair on an online sale site last November and made an offer. 
It was refused.
Then right before Christmas I got a message saying she would take it.
So I drove to meet the seller and picked this chair up. 
Black with a magenta/wine cushion.

Well, true to form I wanted to paint it. White.
From black to white.
Working on it...

Should be ready for the ORC room in about 420 more coats. 

(Bamboo table is going on the porch. It's the old Library ORC table
We obviously don't nail the furniture down around here!)

Think back to the magenta/wine/raspberry cushion from when the chair was black.
It's a custom cushion, practically brand new and 6 sided. Yep. Beyond my sewing skills.
So I decided I would just add a textile to the room that would pull 
the raspberry/wine pink-y color into the mix already there.


After a lot of looking I have found this fabric that has the raspberry/magenta color with the added bonus of a lighter pink and the correct greens to work with what was in there.
And I like it. It took a while, for sure.
( I should add that I went back to my go-to fabric store 
and the first place I looked and it was on sale.
 #whenwillilearn )
 I already have a brown zebra print pillow so that works.

There is a lot of coral in there and I think that is going to move on out 
since there is not a fabric in the whole wide world 
with magenta/raspberry/wine, correct greens and coral in it. 
Not even one I don't like a lot. I mean, none!

I'm OK with that. I can use it several other places and I'm excited about the pinks.

 I have felt since the first Reveal Day  for this room that it didn't have that final layer of special touches to "make it complete and us" and I was right to revisit it.
Saturday morning I pulled up a favorite site, One Kings Lane, 
and this articleThe Truth About Finishing Touches, 
validated my thinking!

Here's a little Olio Board action that pulls together a few of the things I'm thinking about.
(And my armoire and daybed are slightly less fancy!)

I think we are headed in the right direction.
Now to get it together in half the time!!
Other than the bamboo blind and new fabric, I'm shopping the house 
and using more creativity (I hope) than cash to pull this off!

Be sure to check out all the rooms that are being greatly improved 
during this One Room Challenge!!


  1. I love your inspiration board and the direction you are heading. The settee will be perfect and I adore the texture of woven blinds and a seagrass rug. Can't wait to follow along! Happy weekend!!