Thursday, May 25, 2017

From My iphone 5/2017

Some randomness from my phone.
It's a mixed bag for sure!

This one pan ( read 5 minute clean up) recipe is turning into a major favorite around here. I've made it for my parents when visiting and they are big fans too. The original came from Waiting On Martha but I have tweaked it slightly. 
I have switched WOM's green beans for the asparagus. 
The timing still works perfectly and we love it.
It's in the rotation!

I bought tickets to see India Hicks speak at a garden club fundraiser.
 I have been a fan since an article in a magazine decades ago. She's my hero - she ran away to  small island and lives in a big white house. What more do you need??
She was delightful.
Go see her if you have the chance.

I'm loving these two chinoiserie fabrics currently.
Where, oh where, can I use them?

(I've used this fabric before but in a different colorway. This colorway is growing on me!)

I posted pics on IG and on the blog of a blue version
of these hand stamped anthro knock off curtains. 
I printed the pink version for my One Room Challenge.
The details of how I went about it and what I used are here.
I will tell you that for the blue version I used old sheets, laid them out on a table and eye-balled the layout. You can read why time was a major factor.
For the pink version I was printing on IKEA panels and I laid them out and used painters tape and a t-square to create a registration process for the hand blocked layout. It didn't take much longer to do the measured registration if you feel the need for more definite order. However, when the two different treatments were hanging I couldn't really see where the more precise layout made any difference. So if you are pretty sure handed and can eye things then you may not feel the need to register the block printing.

Then I felt the need for a pink pagoda pillow. The example I found while making my Olio Board was $91.00. So you know what that means? I had to make my own! I used a white pillow cover I happened to have, some of  the gorgeous Sherwin Williams paint - Ruby Shade- I used for my block printed curtains, and a small flat brush and painted it freehand.
 I like it. 

I am currenty obsessed with the Watermelon Mint Lemonade at Chic Fil A.
It is sooooooo good!

Where have I been??
I just discovered @blueandwhitehome on IG. 
Great feed!
Look at this porch. I want to be there. Sipping Watermelon Mint Lemonade!!

I'm also loving this blog right now!
I fell in love with their room on the One Room Challenge that I just participated in and now I'm reading the blog like a book!
J and J Design group.
This room!!!!

And school is out here. 
So we are putting together a Summer Bucket List and getting ready for FUN!!

For us that means lots of porch time with friends. Grilling. Relaxing. Chatting!
BTW, Chloe is more excited than she looks!

Time on the Boules court...
And maybe an umbrella drink around 5 o'clock right here on the shady chaise!

Happy Summer!

PS. I love to see pics of fabulous backyards to hang out it.
Tag me on IG if you post your backyard hang out spots!


  1. The pagoda pillow that you painted is incredible--it is just so beautifully done. I also love your block print curtains--you are incredibly talented! Thank you so much for your kind words about my Instagram feed! Have a wonderful long weekend! xo, Elizabeth

    1. Thank you for dropping in!! And thank you! I love to paint things. I love your feed! I'll be liking lots of posts, I'm sure.

  2. Looks like a great week through your phone! Love the fabrics and the one pan dinner looks amazing - can't wait to try! Happy Thursday!

    1. Thank you and seriously give the salmon a try. So easy and delish!