Friday, May 19, 2017

More Thrifty Decorating - The Reveal!

This apartment was decorated as part of a housing program with MUST MINISTRIES to help move veterans from homelessness into a transitional housing program.
There are more details in these previous posts but all of the furnishings were thrifted or free!

Here is the finished apartment.
See the "befores" here.

Looking in from the front door- 

Looking to the left from the front door- you walk right in to the Living Room.
 (Yes, I found that amazing wicker trunk at the Donation Center!

Remember that this apartment is pretty old (vintage itself!) and the goal was to make it welcoming for someone moving from homelessness to transitional housing.
It is a long and involved process that requires a great deal of work on the part of MUST Ministries and the fabulous staff there.
I have been lucky enough to help with this in a small way and it has been an eye opening experience in many ways.

(The curtains are two very nice tablecloths without a spot on them. I sewed a band of fabric  that I had in my stash along the bottom so that I could hang the curtain rod closer to the high ceiling.) 

Lucite nesting tables. Free. Happy dance.

Bold gallery wall to fill up the space and integrate the TV a bit since that is the only place it could be located ( remember: quirky older building!)
All contemporary art painted by me on big canvases and frames that had been donated and were not the look I wanted. 
Paint, marker, chalk, gallery wall. bam!

Front bedroom:
It's large and look at the light in these rooms. It's gorgeous!
What a cheerful apartment to move in to from a shelter!

And on the wall opposite the bed
My $4 chair that you may have seen on IG.
The little footstool came from the donation center. I recovered it with a scrap of fabric I had on hand.

(Look at that perfect marble lamp from the donation center!!)

Bedroom 2: 
Much smaller. But still bright and fresh. 

The Hallway:

The Bath:

(I googled "free wave pictures" and these popped up. I printed them at home and popped them in frames I found. They just "made" the little bath. I added some small blue and white dishes for soap, etc. but forgot to take a picture after I finished it up!)

And the biggest challenge- The Kitchen:

Looking in from the back door.

Looking in from the hallway:

And a little lamp to use for a night light.
This was a fun apartment to work on and I got an email a couple of days ago 
that it is now occupied.


  1. Excellent styling as usual ! Love the hats over the bed and those lucite tables are beautiful. The wicker trunk will be great for storage and it gives the modern apartment a touch of vintage. How blessed these folk will be to live in this functional and charming apartment. You rock !

    1. Thank you!! I looove those lucite tables and that trunk too!