Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pagoda Pillow

I love a good Pagoda Pillow.

I found this one by Society Social when working on my last One Room Challenge.
It  is perfection.
I love it.

Chinoiserie Chic Hot Pink
It is $96.00.
I'm sure it's fabulously worth it but not in my budget.

I found this pillow cover on Etsy for about half the price of the one from Society Social.
I love this fabric.
Lee Jofa Willow Pillow Cover, Pink Blue Chinoiserie Pillow Square, Made to order Pillow Cover, Throw Pillow, Toss Pillow, Pagoda
PopOColor on Etsy
Robert Allen Neo Toile  Floral Pillow Cover Bird  Pillow Asian Pillow Pagoda Pillow Throw Pillow ONE COVER
TrendyNest on Etsy
 You know we are fans of Neo Toile around here.

And @wheatonwhaleydesigns has quite a few good pagoda pillow options.

I used this fabric (below) on a lampshade in my Black Library ORC!

But that first Pink Pagoda pillow had my heart.
So, I decided to try and make my own reasonable facsimile.

I had this pillow cover from IKEA.
And more of the Sherwin Williams Ruby Shade paint that I used for my IKEA curtains.
I explain the hand stamping method for the curtains here.

So, I just took a paintbrush and painted a pagoda on my pillow cover. 
And I stamped the same design as the curtains on the back. 
That makes it reversible!

It's not as refined and elegant as the Society Social version
 but I think it adds a lot to the pillow mix on the daybed.
I'm ready to paint a blue one now!
I just have to find a spot for it first.

It was quick and fun - try painting a pillow!


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