Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring 2017 ORC "Half The Time" Project ~ Week 5

This Week 5 post should have lots of close-to-completion shots, right?
Not so much. 
It's time for a Hail Mary pass!

Here is the list from Week 3:
Have I accomplished anything on this ORC and can I possibly pull it together to photograph and post an improved room (never say finished!!!) by next Thursday?
These are the questions that affect my sleep :0
Latest progress in yellow!

1. Paint chair white (almost finished) 
2. Make pillows from fab new fabric
3. Measure and buy bamboo shade - ordered and on its way. (Bonus question: What is the hardest bamboo shade width to find anywhere?? 60 inches is the answer. Aaaaand my funky window is... 60 inches!)
4. Hand block print curtains (Yep, she's crazy!)
5. The floor? Carpet is old/not going anywhere. Decide on rug. Seagrass or Jute? Or what?
6. Decide on additional pillows. 
7. Gather bamboo frames and art. Paint frames if needed. Frame prints.
8. Hang gallery wall
9. Cord covers on sconces - never did it last time around :(
10. Decide about bedside table?  Decision made. Not having one. You'll see why.
11. Mirror over bed - change out or replace with artwork
12. Gather blue and white for dresser
13. Lamp? Using blue and white one I already have #shopthehouse #usewhatyouhave
14. And a new thought here, paint wood dresser?? (Definitely crazy!) Will it make the wood 
       armoire look bigger and darker and lonely in it's big darkness? (Yep, nutso!)  Priming as I type this! Will I finish? Who knows! 

UPDATE: First coat of gorgeous green is on the dresser!!
Cilantro by Sherwin Williams!

Be sure to check out all the other linking participants because they are getting it done!


  1. I'm still in absolute love over that green paint! Good luck in this last week!

    1. Thank you. I love that green, too. Even if I don't finish I have at least finally painted that dresser! I've wanted to for ages!

  2. I am right with you! I should be working now instead of reading blogs lol. And the green is gorgeous!! xo Andrea

    1. Thank you. It's a good green and yes, I too, am finding ways to distract myself from my ORC delays and remain in denial about progress. can't wait to see your finished room!

  3. Best shade of green. Just added it into notes in my phone so I'll never forget. All the details sound amazing!

    1. What a great idea to put paint colors on an ongoing list! It is a pretty fab green if i do say so myself!

  4. It looks like you got a lot done! Love that green!

    1. I'm trying but slow going. The green does make me happy! Thank you.

  5. That dresser color is fabulous (and love the name) good luck in this last week!

    1. Thank you Jana. I love a good green! I like the name too - I painted my porch floor Mesclun Green. I seem to be on a food theme when choosing greens! :)