Friday, August 25, 2017

Bamboo Friday #4

Mirror, mirror,
On the wall.
Bamboo mirrors are the best of all!

summer whites..... — LW
Lucy Williams Interiors

This is an easy one.
Who doesn't love bamboo mirrors and such an easy way to add that touch of bamboo to any and every room. 
Natural, gold, painted. 
They all "just work" (technical interior design speak!)

You know I just found one of these of my very own.
I'm still giddy!
Mid-Century Tropical Mirror 1st dibs.  $1450.00

1st Dibs

This one sold on 1st Dibs for over $1400.00
Mine was considerably less - the thrift score of the century for me!

i have this mirror...
Style Me Pretty

If one bamboo mirror is good then 2 must be even better!

Bamboo in every possible color mixed together with fabulous green chinoiserie fabric in the mix. The natural frame really stands out from the paint colors._c
My Domaine

And the Queen of all bamboo mirror styles...
The Pagoda Mirror. 
I'm still on the hunt but one day I will find one of these for my very own!

Chinoiserie Chic
Chinoiserie Chic

White pagoda mirror and blue stone lamp, Waiting on Martha #interiors #styling
Waiting On Martha

Aren't all bamboo mirrors fabulous!?

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