Friday, February 2, 2018

Bamboo Friday

I'm not a trend follower per se, but I am intrigued by trends and predictions.

I love reading the design forecasts at the beginning of the year and I love seeing what the "color of the year" is and if I'm going to embrace it at all :) 

I also like it when I'm already "on trend."
You know- I was doing this before it was cool.
(Remember "I was country before country was cool," etc?)

Here's one I'm pretty happy about for more than one reason. 
1. I love using it in every room in the house and 
2. We sell this stuff @elizabethandpayne so this trend is good for business!!

According to more than one source Bamboo and Rattan 
are strong for 2018!!
(In my opinion they were never out but whatevs!)

This article on Quintessence Blog says we will see rattan staying strong in 2018.

And Apartment Therapy said rattan furniture is "super chic" here.

Apartment Therapy

This article talks about "why" bamboo furniture is a good choice and popular as well:
Affordability, Versatility, Durability, and Sustainability. 
Plus, it adds fabulous warmth, texture and if its older - a vintage vibe to a room.

And the trends in this article are all strong for 2018 and bamboo is at the top. 

Lindroth enlivened the bamboo and rattan porch furniture that came with the house by painting the sofa and table bases to match the house trim, and then adding conch-shell pink cushions to all the seating. By situating the bar under the window, she create
Coastal Living

The thing about Bamboo is that whether you are just starting to use it in your decor because it's "on trend" or whether you were already embracing it in your house
 (The British have forever!!!), 
I don't think you can go wrong. 

Bamboo furniture and faux bamboo designs are classics 
and used well they will always be a wonderful, textural addition to a room.
So its a win-win. 

mollie's mom: First - Get Organized China Cabinet turned linen closet  Sherwin Williams Ravishing Coral
See this faux bamboo china cabinet turned linen closet here.

Look at all the wonderful texture subtly added to this room:

Chinoiserie Chic

Less beachy and more formal use of bamboo furniture:

A Brighton-style bamboo cabinet sits beneath an English oil painting. “The art helped inform the room’s wall color,” says Jon, but it was Dale who chose all the swatches. In this case, Sherwin Williams’s Aloof Gray provides a cool contrast to the space’s brassier hues.
One Kings Lane

I hope your Bamboo Friday includes a touch of bamboo in your own home.

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