Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"my Mummy said there'd be days like this..."

... so I took my scraps of white paper and got busy!!!
This one may take the cake for easy, peasy.

These are gingerbread man shapes cut from white paper and then skinny strips of scrap white paper to "wrap" the mummy. Two black dots for eyes peeking out and some Mod Podge. This can be done any size you wish - it all depends on the size of the gingerbread man to begin with. This is a great project for children because they can trace a cookie cutter and cut out the shape. Then just supply them with a pile of skinny strips and let them "measure" how long to cut them so that the mummy/gingerbread man shape is still obvious. This can keep your own children or a classroom full of children busy for quite some time. And then just glue it all together!!! These are small ornament/package toppers on scraps of wood but they could be done on canvases from Dick Blick - some day they will send me some canvases and say thanks for bragging on us :) - or just out of construction paper and use google eyes for a budget version!! Cute any way you go - my Mummy says!

** I've got to finish at least one thing in the daylight hours
 ( instead of the middle of the night!) 
so that the pictures will be decent!! Sorry for the quality!


  1. These are too cute, my students could do these!

    M :)

  2. Great idea. Would even be fun for teaching about Egypt...