Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Swish your Bushy Tail....

.... if you are a gray squirrel, that is!!
We had a little art camp the other day and it was all about acorns and Mr. Gray Squirrel!

Once again, a Dick Blick canvas panel ( nada from DB, still.), some scrapbook paper,
Mod Podge and some fuzzy felt for the tail!

I line all the supplies up "cafeteria style" and the children come up and choose for themselves. It gives them freedom to choose their supplies and keeps the activity from being static. They get to get up and move from time to time. They can also move along at their own pace to some degree.
This lesson was all about shapes. We created our squirrel and his acorn from different basic shapes - rectangles, ovals, squares, circles, half circles...

They have a ton of personality for something created from a few basic shapes.
 We added the furry tail and a real bit of twig for the acorn stem.

There was heavy Mod Podge usage so all of these pictures still have some white "globs" on them!! :)
So enjoy the Fall weather and swish your bushy tail like Mr. Gray Squirrel.

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