Monday, August 4, 2014

Just Plain Crabby

Not  me.
 The artwork.

Yet another catch-up post.
This one is from the beginning of the Summer. 
School started today in the Atlanta area even though it's just the beginning of August.
 Some see the start of school as the end of Summer. Not me.
I will hold on to Summer until the bitter end.
So this beachy, crabby project fits the bill.

This was a guided project in that we all did our outline work together 
and then we got creative and gave our crabby guy some serious personality.

This is the best kind of project.
 After the basic shapes are down the artists get busy adding color and texture.
 We talk about color and tools and they get so into the painting process. 
They just paint and chat and it is so fun to be in a room full of creative children. 

Aren't they awesome and fun?? 

Love the polka dot water.

And this guy?? He cracks me up.
 I can just see him shifting his eyes from side to side before he takes off down the beach.

Actually, it's hard to be crabby when you are laughing at these fun paintings!!

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