Friday, September 18, 2015

From My iphone...

... randomness.

If you follow along on Instagram then you may have seen one or two of these. 
Maybe not. 
Instagram moves pretty quickly.
 I always find missed posts when I check on my favorites.

1. I found two brass pineapples  while thrifting a couple of weeks ago.
 I've looked for ages and nada. 
Then 2 in one day and none since!!
They were practically black but look at them now!!

2. Mollie collected letters and put this together above her bed. 
She's adding travel photos to her gallery wall and her blanket from Honduras is at the end of her bed. 
We always have a bad case of wanderlust, see here.

3. I am painting this humongous orange-y bed for a client. It fills the entire room.
It has steps to climb in and out of it. Big, I'm telling you.

4. If I were still a "room mom" I would be all over these.  I love their cute ideas.
So stinking cute!!!

5. I am going to give these a try. 
Hopefully today.

6. If I were going to drive 2 hours to have lunch then this place would be my first pick!!
It's in Birmingham - not that far - so maybe someday!!
It makes me want to hop on a plane to France.
( OK, I always want to hop on a plane to France, but this place looks amazing!!)

7. I saved this picture and told my husband that it is my dream bench and if you ever see one... 
In my mind you can never have too much bamboo. It's practically a neutral. 
I love it. 
There's a decorating mantra out there that says every room needs a touch of black
Mine is that every room needs a touch of bamboo.
 Well, check out #8 and see what happened on Tuesday!!!

8. I walked in to a thrift store and this was sitting there in perfect condition for under $25.00 
Not the same but fabulous anyway and that price??? 
I'm not sure where it's going but I grabbed it and crammed it in my car like a boss!!
I usually like to know I have a home/place for something
 but in this case I will edit, rearrange, sleep on it, whatever.

9. Love this IG account for great GF ideas. 
( I am not compensated by Udi's but we have tried every GF item we can find and we love their products. This feed has great tips.)
These look delicious and would be great for entertaining.
They also remind me that exactly this time last year  we were headed to France.
We ate radishes there because they taste better in France than anywhere else.
"French - style" with butter and coarse salt.

10.  Mollie went to her first football game as an alumna and said it felt pretty  darn good to sit in the Faculty/Staff section. :)

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