Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Coral - I Love It!

I expressed my excitement on Instagram
when I heard that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019
Living Coral!

It was right before the holidays 
and I just hadn't had a chance to 
gush any more about my love for this color!
But now it's gray, dreary January in Atlanta so we need to talk about color!!

I did recently paint my Foo Dog thrifting find a delicious coral color. 
There were some doubters out there but it's only paint
 and I personally think he looks pretty fab.


My fabulous china cabinet turned bathroom storage extraordinaire 
was painted coral for my Fall 2016 One Room Challenge 
(a little ahead of Pantone's announcement)
I can't imagine painting it any other color! I love it so much.

I love blue and white chinoiserie in a big way 
but I fell in love with a coral-y orange lamp while working on this bathroom
 and now I can't pass this color chinoiserie up!

And this china pattern is gorgeous.

No surprise - it's by Mottahedeh who brings us the much loved Tobacco Leaf among other patterns. This coral design would be beautiful mixed in with almost any other pattern.

And look at this coral lampshade on this fun monkey lamp! 
Just that one spot of coral in this colorful room adds so much.

Summer Thornton went allll the way with gorgeous deep coral walls.

I have a Pinterest Board called Color It Coral.
 I'm sure I'll find a lot to "pin" this year!

Here is a favorite image already on the board:
I could happily live in this coral house with it's fabulous potted topiaries! 
What about you?


And since Pantone's color is called "Living Coral" I can't pass up sharing this picture
 I took a couple of years ago while I was on site in SC for post- hurricane debris clean up. There was devastation all around and we worked incredibly hard all day long 
but this sunset was our reward!

So will you be using more coral in your home this year!
I will. I always do and I feel like this Pantone choice is license to go coral crazy!!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

New Year. New Plants.

Once I take down all of my Christmas decorations, toss the poinsettias that are dropping leaves at an alarming rate and sweep up all the prickly evergreen needles, 
I have an uncontrollable urge to buy green plants and flowers
 for inside our house. 

(obsessed with the glaze app!)

It is a real thing. 
Happens every year.

This bunch of lilies from Trader Joe's already smells heavenly
 and they aren't even opened yet.
Being able to buy wine, flowers and organic produce in one place is beyond amazing to me!
I love TJ's.

My paperwhites that I planted (late) in December are just now blooming in the kitchen.
They smell amazing, too!

On Monday, I bought a fiddle leaf fig (my first one ever) from Wal Mart for just $17.00
We will see how it goes. 
I've never been willing to risk the cost of one - but under $20?
 I'm feeling daring.

We are calling her FiFi for short and she still needs a home (besides the kitchen table) 
and a pretty planter but she's gorgeous with big glossy leaves.
 Fingers crossed my thumb is green enough to keep FiFi happy!

 Remember this gal?
This is her everyday/non-holiday look.

And then, I sooo did not want to take this tree and it's cute ornaments down 
but I found a gorgeous, huge, brass planter while thrifting on Monday 
and it was just the motivation I needed. 
I could just see it on the front entry table with a lush green plant in it. 

I think that once the Christmas holidays are over I'm just ready for green and Spring.
 Fresh flowers and plants help me get through the gray days of January!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Bamboo Friday!!

It's the first Bamboo Friday in 2019!!

Look at that bench!!
That is one fabulous Brighton Pavilion Style Bamboo bench.

Image from Domino

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you and yours all the blessings and hope
 that comes with the start of something new!
Here's to 2019!

Love, Cooper
(and the humans here too!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Pineapple Tree

 Give me a small themed tree any time. 
I love them.

Don't get me wrong a big beautiful tree is eye catching but I love (and have) little trees 
(here, here and here for starters!) 
tucked all over the house during the holidays!

This little pineapple tree sitting on the sideboard in my kitchen makes me smile.

A few weeks ago I saw a sparkly pineapple ornament 
in a bin at a bargain store and bought it.
Then I saw another one somewhere else and picked it up. 
And then it was like "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie."
I had a couple of ornaments and  I wanted more. 
And a tree to hang them on.

And then I found that big sparkly one on top and knew I could cut the string off,
 drill a small hole in the bottom and, voila, a perfect pineapple tree topper!

Are you a one tree or multi tree kind of person?

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Chinoiserie Ornament DIY

I never do this...
until I just did!
We have been decorated since December 1 because we kick off the season on the first Saturday in December with a merry get together.
My shopping is completed. 
Things are relatively calm around our house. 

But I kept thinking about making Chinoiserie ornaments
 and putting them on a little champagne colored tinsel tree.
So I dragged out the crafts supplies, moved the wreath off of the mirror in the entryway and made a little tree with ornaments to go on the chest in front of the mirror.

A last minute project!!
I have tried soooo hard the last few years to avoid the LMP (last minute project.)

These are so simple and easy. 
You, too, can succumb to the LMP :)

These little ornaments could be tied to packages or garland, given in a set of 4 or 6 to a fellow Chinoiserie fan or simply put on a tree like I did.

A few supplies are all you need.
I used 3" flat wooden discs. I purchased mine at Wal Mart and this was all they had
 because it's a LMP. 
I wanted flat, round papier mache ornaments but they are sold out this close to Christmas.
(I'll be ordering some for next year!)
You need Mod Podge. Please see this post for Very Important Info on Mod Podge.
A brush to apply the Mod Podge.
A large circle punch makes this quick and easy and the circles are perfect. You could cut them out with scissors or use a different shape of wooden ornaments. The punch is not a necessity but I bought mine on sale for 1/2 price so it was barely over $10.00. 
And it is so quick!

I painted my wooden discs with my favorite gold spray paint.

(Late at night on a baby gate box because puppies mean baby gates!)

And then you "Google" to find your images. 
I googled "copyright free chinoiserie images" and "free chinoiserie designs." 
I also googled "historical chinoiserie papers" or designs. 
Any of these combinations yields a variety of images. 
You must be careful to use images that are not copyrighted which is why the historical images  or images from museum collections work so well for this.
Then I printed them out on plain copier paper. You may have to work with the sizing at first but it's very simple to get 4 repeats on one sheet of paper that will work with the punch size.
Then you simply punch out the designs (turn the punch and paper over so you can see exactly what you will be punching out!), glue it down with Mod Podge 
and top coat with Mod Podge.

I actually put an image on each side of my disc so that both sides are pretty. My tree is in front of a mirror so it ensures a nice reflection all the way around.
Let it dry and add a hanger and ribbon. 
That's it. 
You could add more details - glitter around the edge, velvet ribbons and more.

Then find a cute little tinsel tree or add them to your "big" tree!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Oyster Shells at Christmas!

I love oysters.
 I love oyster shells.
I bring my oyster shells home from restaurants after I eat the delicious oyster. 
(Some people in my family find this embarrassing!)

And even though oyster shells may seem coastal and Summer-y they are actually a very traditional Christmas decoration. 
I remember seeing them tucked in to wreaths and Christmas trees in Williamsburg and Charleston when I was growing up. 

I have used them around my house - in plants as "mulch", piled in glass hurricanes, in flower beds, around my pond and more
I've even painted a few gold.

And I have wanted an oyster shell wreath for ages!
But they can be a bit pricey. 
I considered drilling the holes and making my own and then this Summer on a trip I found one for a price I could live with!!

So, for Christmas, I backed it with a store bought, Black Friday $6.00 evergreen wreath, added a string of fairy lights
 and stuck some fresh magnolia in where a bow would normally be.
I love it.

 There are some really creative things going on this year with oyster shells.

I found these on IG:

is making the BEST blue and white oyster shell ornaments!

And how fun are these contemporary oyster shell ornaments?
You can see them on this IG Feed:

Do you like oysters? 
Do you eat them? 
Or just decorate with them?
If you have seen some other awesome oyster shell Christmas decorations then be sure to share.
I want to see!