Tuesday, March 3, 2015


 That's what the kids say when there is an awkward silence.
I am kind of expecting an awkward silence here on the blogfront!!
I did disappear quite some time ago!
It wasn't intentional - it just sort of happened!
In my defense - I have posted on Instagram on a regular basis.
And Facebook from time to time!
And Biscuit has been patiently waiting for you to come back.
One thing I did during the silence was paint my downstairs powder room.
Of all the rooms in my house it was probably the one that needed painting the least. But the trim did need  painting and I knew that the walls wouldn't look as fresh after the trim got spiffed up and then I found a mirror at GW and off I went. I couldn't resist the mirror and then it was the domino effect.
  The walls were striped before but I had to patch, sand and prime
 in order to start again with white as the base.
 The trim was painted glossy white. Then I marked off the stripes with blue tape.
The trick to a perfect, crisp stripe is to paint the edges of the blue tape with the base color. It's an extra step but totally worth it as I've mentioned before here and here.
I had the greige-y color for the stripes. I used a Sherwin Williams Color-To-Go sample from my favorite, go-to SW color strip! It's the one with Urbane Bronze through Shoji White.
These colors just work!
 The darker stripes are Intellectual Gray.
And the cabinet went from black to SW Anonymous.
 Right off that same color strip. 
Grainy iPhone picture :( and bad lighting because I am always painting in the middle of the night.
I found that great rag-y rug at Wal Mart on clearance.
 It's the perfect price and punch of color. We can't have nice rugs- see dog shaming post on IG.
Here is the mirror that started the whole thing. Fabulous faux bamboo.
It was dingy brown when I found it at GW for $15.00
 but a quick coat of SW Ryegrass and it was looking fine.
it was too tall to fit between the vanity backsplash and
the light fixture that hung above the previous mirror.
Oy. Now what?
Nothing to do but move the light fixture.
Seemed so obvious to me but I think that others in this household thought
 this "bargain"  mirror was not worth the trouble it was causing.
 Not me.
 I was like a dog with a bone.
Determined to make this all come together.
The solution?
We installed ( We, nothing. My husband is the one who did the electrical "stuff" - I just went with him to Home Depot 3 out of the 5 trips it took to get things right. The first guy we talked to may or may not have had a clue about the fixture we bought and it's requirements for hanging hardware) a recessed light in the ceiling above the vanity. This turned out so amazingly and nothing is lost in the looks department because the vanity is large enough for a lamp. Win - win!
Of course the new light made the old faucet look terrible.
( If you give a mouse a cookie....)
Thank goodness for the ridiculously nice, new faucet and towel bar found
 in the original packaging at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store.
 I haven't found anything since but that new faucet and I were meant to be.
Next up - fabric for the window treatment and hanging some artwork.
Spoiler alert; I apparently dreamed up a fabric that I want for the itty, bitty window
that doesn't exist in the whole fabric world.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Just Plain Crabby

Not  me.
 The artwork.

Yet another catch-up post.
This one is from the beginning of the Summer. 
School started today in the Atlanta area even though it's just the beginning of August.
 Some see the start of school as the end of Summer. Not me.
I will hold on to Summer until the bitter end.
So this beachy, crabby project fits the bill.

This was a guided project in that we all did our outline work together 
and then we got creative and gave our crabby guy some serious personality.

This is the best kind of project.
 After the basic shapes are down the artists get busy adding color and texture.
 We talk about color and tools and they get so into the painting process. 
They just paint and chat and it is so fun to be in a room full of creative children. 

Aren't they awesome and fun?? 

Love the polka dot water.

And this guy?? He cracks me up.
 I can just see him shifting his eyes from side to side before he takes off down the beach.

Actually, it's hard to be crabby when you are laughing at these fun paintings!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Daisies Are The Happiest Flowers

Do you know what movie that's from??
 I love Meg Ryan and I agree.
 I love cheerful, roadside daisies.
 I also loved, loved the show "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" when I was young.
 ( That'll date me, for sure.)

Someone dropped off an unwanted canvas - a large one. Yay!!

I spent a couple of cold, wintry afternoons painting a giant stylized daisy on the canvas.

It was red, so first thing - a turquoise base coat.
Then some basic shapes to create a stylized daisy.
 ( This is what I use my kitchen tools for!)

Outline in black.
My go- to Sherwin Williams paints.

Just filling in with cheerful daisy-ish colors.

 This color is Pickle.
 I want to have the job where I sit around looking at fabulous colors 
and thinking up their names.
SW, call me. I'm available.

Someone at church gave me the canvas so back to church it went.

The next daisy inspired project was painted at
 a little art camp with my favorite 4 and 5 year olds.

They made these canvases for their Moms :)

Then at the beginning of the Summer the stylized daisy painting
 inspired a project at another art camp.

The artists ranged in age from kindergarten to 4th grade 
and they created some pretty amazing line work.

Again, each one is so unique.

They definitely got creative with their colorways.

Aren't these fun? Didn't they turn out great?
I like them better than mine!

Friday, August 1, 2014

I Love Paintsticks.

I love paintsticks.
True story.
Sounds silly but I have a zillion projects with paintsticks.
I almost hate to use them to stir paint :)

A while back I had a super fun art day with a group of 4th and 5th grade girls. 

I had lots of creative activities planned but I decided to cover the basics before 
I turned them loose with a bunch of exciting supplies. 

We used a paintstick to learn about the spectrum and color mixing.

This may seem remedial to you for 4th and 5th graders but a few years ago I saw an adult do a little segment on Good Morning America
 and she said the primary colors were red, yellow, blue and green.
Maybe she was nervous but I never got over it :)
So I run through a color lesson in a variety of fun ways when I have an art activity with children. 

A little paint, a little color mixing fun and ... ta-da! Rainbow Sticks!!

** My nice Sherwin Williams guy, Todd, gives me paintsticks for the children to use :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Whole Lotta Burlap

In addition to painting on furniture,
a "whole lotta burlap paintin' been goin' on."

We started waaaay back with hearts for Valentine's Day.

We got "stripey" (cause I will stripe pretty much anything.)

Then I decided to add an initial
and it would make the heart work for a little longer than just Feb. 14th.

Next up, a burlap heart class. 
They always turn out so differently but each one is so cute!

I love the black and white stripes in the back. This lady drove 2 hours to attend a class that started at 9 am on a Saturday morning. And then she was super creative.

Well, the ladies wanted to make something Springy that wasn't strictly "Easter-y."
So cute carrots it is!

They all turned out so well - more pictures are on madebymolliesmom on Instagram.

Vegetables were followed by fruit.

In case you have not noticed, I use Sherwin Williams Color To Go to paint my burlap door hangers.
 Actually, it's my favorite paint for canvases, too.
I have a SW fan deck in my car and in my studio. All those colors. So inspirational.
(They do not pay me to say this, it's just my favorite paint.)

I actually got a burlap door hanger on my own door this Summer!!

College Girl was in town so she came along to class and 
painted a watermelon for a friend who couldn't make it.

Ms. Dawn this fruit's for you.

Again, a lot of variation but each one turns out great.

 We had to offer the watermelon class twice so this time College Girl decided to paint a burlap door hanger for her place. 
Not being a fan of watermelon as art or food she decided to go with a peach!

 As we say in the South, It turned out stinking cute!!
The gray checkerboard border makes it for me (all her idea!!)

Before long we will be painting owls (but in Fall-ish colors) or candy corn!
As crazy as that seems ... school starts here on Monday. In August. And Hobby Lobby has already put out Halloween and Christmas items. Yikes!!
That means Summer is pretty much over as far as our mindset goes - just not as far as the hot weather  goes.