Tuesday, January 17, 2017

iphone 1/17/2017

Does this happen at your house?
When I "take down Christmas" I don't just put things back in place.
Even though I was perfectly happy before Christmas.

I plopped that pillow on the stool because I love buffalo check.
 I love that pillow in the Library and I'm not sure I want it to leave but.. 
I found this cute pillow on clearance after Christmas.
So it's "auditioning." :)

I also found a glass top faux bamboo coffee table right before Christmas.
 It is only 2 inches smaller than the one that has been in the Library.
 But I'm giving it a try to see if the slight difference "opens up" the room. 
At least that's what I'm telling myself.

When the Christmas greenery goes, I find myself needing greenery of another sort.

Forcing some paperwhites for a little pre-Spring pick me up!

White tulips were on sale at Kroger. 
What's a girl gonna do?
Plus I had to go to the grocery on a Saturday.
 I deserved them.

And the ivy plants are always so pretty in January.

I love this image from IG.
We should go wherever this is.

I love her feed. 
I love these chairs
 and I have a loooong love affair with black and white checked floors.
*notice the plants in the window :)

I'm always drawn to warm, beachy images in the Winter. 
I don't know if it's torture or it helps. But this painting is gorgeous!

Aaaand the Chinoiserie Christmas ornaments were so much fun
 I had to think of another project along the same line.
So, Ta-Da!!

Chinoiserie Valentine Mini canvases to warm your heart.
 And they are going on sale on Instagram on Friday 1/20.
I'll be posting these and more that are "in progress' on my work table. 
All different sizes (for reference: the one above is 6x6 inches) and color combos!!

That's about all the randomness on my phone right now. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Furniture Roulette

At my house any piece of furniture can end up in any room at any time.
Just the spin of the wheel. Luck of the draw.
It's a gamble when you come to my house.

This may be particularly true when we are snowed in.
It rarely happens but when it does...

Before the first flake fell last week ...

This dresser was in the family room holding up the monster TV 
(my opinion which is not the opinion of others living here)
and containing our electronic "stuff."
On NYE my friend commented on how much she liked that dresser where it was and the color. I said, "Me too." And at that time I meant it. 

The dresser below was holding up our industrial chic spice cabinet in the kitchen
and  awaiting a paint job.
 The dresser had come from Mollie in one of her many moves during college.
I liked it just fine. It just needed me to decide on paint and take time to paint it.
(Is it weird to have bedroom dressers all over the house? Don't ask me. I have a china cabinet in my bathroom!)

And between NYE and the first flake this beauty showed up at my house.
Thank you to whomever donated this to the thrift store.
I snapped it right up!

And that's not even the one I talked about here
 and is in a holding pattern while I get it's new spot ready and paint it.

So the wood finish bamboo dresser came home and into the family room.
 Where its perfect self now sits! 

All it needed was dusting and two screws to fix the fabulous bamboo pulls. 



I started painting this dresser (and feeding the dog LOL) a nice soft blue by Sherwin Williams.
Because this is what was going on outside:

And while I was painting in the middle of the kitchen my husband managed to pull this off:

But back to the furniture switcheroo. 

Amazing what you can accomplish when you can't leave the house.
All finished in the gorgeous, soft SW Tidewater turquoisey blue. 
Our thrifted industrial chic spice cabinet back in place. 
A few globes, plants and some blue and white.
Looks like it was made for that spot.

And a little peek of one of my favorite lino prints by Charleston SC artist Stacy Bradley.

And the white dresser that was originally Mollie's and then in the kitchen was just picked up by the husband of the friend who admired my blue dresser on NYE.
It's like I'm contagious!
Now the same thing is happening at their house!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Love Mushroom.

I love mushrooms.
The color. The veggie.
All good.

The color is popping up in all the "trends for 2017" articles. 
I love to read those even though I don't consider myself  "trendy" or a "trendfollower"
They are good for inspiration and if I've used a color, material or "look" they forecast 
then I feel all smug and happy and tell myself
 I was "ahead" of the trend.

I pinned this the other day.
From Country Living's website.

Fresh Paint:
'Cause we were snowed/iced in here in Atlanta for 3 days 
and I went "pinning" crazy with my extra time :)

I'm good with this forecast because ... you guessed it... 
mushroomy colors are already in my home decor.

I have a Sherwin Williams 'strip' that I use in my house. I've talked about this somewhere before on the blog but now that I'm "on trend" we are going to go there again.

My "strip" is the one on the far left.
 Shoji White to Urbane Bronze.
Very mushroom~y.
(They look a bit grayer in this pic but get a strip and look at it in your light. Mushroomy)

Image result for sherwin williams color chart with urbane bronze

There is a method to my "strip" madness.
Since I move things around in my house a lot 
(there are people living here who say I move things "toooo much")
using the variations off the same color strip makes my decor mix and match~able. 
Like Garanimals 

We painted Mollie's bathroom cabinets in SW Porpoise
 when we did our Mother~Daughter One Room Challenge

Not gray. Not taupe.
But a rich, deep mushroomy color.

And perfect with our bargain agate knobs we luckily found!

And the stripes in our downstairs powder room went from blue gray to white and mushroom (SW Amazing Gray a couple of years ago.)

Yes, the vanity cabinet is painted a color right off that same strip.
And the color looks good with bamboo which is a necessity in my home.

(Fun fact: I bought this shelf on a thrifting app on my phone last January
 during an ice/snow day  and had to wait for the "thaw" to go get it!!)

My front door is  painted Urbane Bronze.

Looks great on all the holidays!

You get the idea. I could go on.
Find yourself a mushroom~y strip and feel trendy this year!!
Paint something mushroomy. You will be happy.

 And on the edible mushroom front.
We love stuffed mushrooms of all kinds so I leave you with this:
This is the closest I can find to our family favorite stuffed mushrooms.


Make them. You will be happy.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

When It Snows In The South

I know the title alone made some of you laugh -
 maybe even feel superior if you are an experienced icy conditions driver.
I admit, we go a little nuts.
But may I remind you that we deal with 100 plus degree weather for weeks on end during Summer, so A) we can't help being a bit fried in the noggin and B) most of you icy conditions experienced drivers complain loudly about the heat for months on end when we are casually dealing with it.

And we never forget...
Snowpacolypse 2013!

Image result for picture of atlanta snow jam

That being said Mollie and I tried to get ahead of the panicked crowd and purchase our "necessities" for inclement weather. 
Because we have it on good authority that this snow will, in fact, happen.
Here's how we know. 
My friend, Mr. Buman, of the Tomato/Tomato Pie fame
is 91 and knows all about these things. He told me years ago before we had a big "snow event" that if it thunders in Winter that you will have snow within the week. Well, it thundered Monday night so... I'm thinking it's really going to snow in the Deep South.
He also told me that if snow stays on the ground three days it will snow again and a lot more! He's better than Doppler Radar!

With wicked wind chills -45, schools are closed, illegal to drive on some highways...brrrrr!  // January 2014:

We buy really good snacks (more on that later), wine, and paint for any crafty or remodeling project we might feel we need to accomplish while hibernating. 
And this time I also bought some fabric for a pillow switch that I need to make because of the amazing bamboo chair I found on Craigslist right before Christmas for my guest bedroom. 
(More on that later, too.)

Image result for picture of empty bread aisle
(I've never felt like bread was my number one need if I am going to be snowed in.
 Chili fixins, stuff to make homemade cinnamon rolls, wine.
 You know, necessities, that's what I buy.)

(This one cracks me up!)

Anyway, we got up this morning and mapped out a plan!
Any excuse to make a list!!

First, the fabric store and my favorite Sherwin Williams store
 (where I bought 2 gallons of paint cause what if I'm wrong about the first color and I can't just run out to get another one because of, you know, snow?)

These were contenders. 
I'll show you what I ended up with after I get it all pulled together.

Then we went to Old Navy because we got gift cards for Christmas, 
everything is on sale and there might be a cute warm hat or scarf we need for our 
"Atlanta Snow Event." 
(Why do they call it that?)

Then to Trader Joes for wine!!!
We got veggies and healthy stuff, too, but wine was the goal. 

This is a very good sparkling wine from Trader Joe's only $6.  Loved it:

This sparkling Pinot Grigio was one of the "Staff Picks" before Christmas
 and we really like it so we got enough to last until "the big thaw." 
Try it - for $6.00 what do you have to lose?

Then we hit up the "regular" grocery store for a few more things and dog food.
I serve my spoiled pooches a mixture of homemade cooked veggies and chicken and overpriced gluten free dog food. I mean, really.

Anyway, the frozen veggie aisle was wrecked. 
There wasn't one bag of frozen peas in the whole store. 

File:Frozen peas.JPG

Let's be honest. 
When you hear, "You should plan to be snowed in for 3 days"
 on every weather report do you rush to buy frozen peas?? 
This is concerning. 
Please see above for our list of "necessities!"
Are we the only people who are going to party our way through this?

We're wining over another snow storm.:

 Is everyone else eating veggies?
Except for my friend who goes to the store 
and buys pie (and wine) if she hears we are going to be snowed in. 

We also gathered up some movies we haven't had a chance to see.
And I'm planning to reread this book while I'm snuggled up under a cozy blanket.

For some reason I like to torture myself all Winter long 
with images of sunny, tropical locales.

Our county has already announced that school will get out 2 hours early and everything is cancelled for the weekend. 
Here we go!

Image result for golden retriever stuck in  snow hats

I hope we see you on the other side!

PS. If you are home with kiddos and are looking for some snow day fun try the projects in this post - lots of snowy fun with things you probably have on hand.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I'm Feeling Green...

No, not the flu!

Actual Green.
The color. 

Photo courtesy of Pantone.

Greenery is Pantone's Color of the Year 2017, 
which works for me because green is always one of my colors of my year.

I particularly love this green from Sherwin Williams.

talipot palm by sherwin-williams:
Talipot Palm. 
I have used it on a mirror for one thing. Gorgeous green.

In fact, once Christmas holidays are over I hope for one good snow day/school's out holiday and then I'm basically looking for Spring and "greenery."

It's January 4 and I've already been on Pinterest looking at planter combos.


Anyway what I'm feeling green about is this:

And honestly, this is another one of those 
"I can't make this up moments!"
 This dresser came into my life about 2 days before Christmas 
and I've just now had time to think about it. 
And I'm feeling green.
But first, the story.
My husband called and said," I'm passing a GW and I'm going to go in. Are you looking for anything in particular?"
I said, "Yes, please find my dream bamboo dresser.
 Or a blue and white ceramic garden stool."
We laughed.
Two minutes later he sent that picture to me via text. 
And the question, "Do you want this??"
Are you kidding??? Load. it. up. now!!

And, oh yeah, I know they had the drawers in wrong. :)

They were literally rolling it out on the floor,
 so my husband told the guy not to even unload it. 
And then the guy asked him... wait for it... 
"What about the rest of the set? Are you taking it now, too?"
I'm dying!! More on the rest of  the set  later.

Right now I'm feeling like it should be green.
So, I spent some of my holiday down time googling these:


Henry Link Bali Hai 6 Drawer Faux Bamboo Dresser; etsy WhisperDesignStudio:
via Pinterest

Really love this slightly softer green...

Faux bamboo Basset dresser redone in green:

Related image
So pretty. Like Pistachio Ice Cream.
Not surprising that it's so lovely - it's from One King's Lane.
And I love it.

But then there's Navy to consider...

Navy Faux Bamboo Painted Dresser

and turquoise...

Aqua Painted Vintage Faux Bamboo Triple Dresser By Stanley Furniture Company - 9 Drawers w/ Fitted Interior & Campaign Style Hardware:

I'll let you know.