Monday, March 27, 2017

Back To My Roots...

This is not about genealogy.

It's about fabric. 
And paint.
Pigment. Dye. Whatever the choice may be.

I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Surface Design.
What I do in my daily job has zero to do with design.

(This is a peek at my "knock-off" project)

So, given the fact that my parents spent a fortune on my design degree 
(Thanks Mom and Dad!)
 and I'm not using it to earn a living I decided to go back to my roots.
And hand paint some fabric to use on a project.

I call this my #secretproject on IG.
I'll be able to share more soon but for now we will talk about jazzing up plain sheets or yardage for about $1.27. Yep, $1.27.

I used my jazzed up sheets as curtains and you'll find out why soon. 
I also used this process to perk up some pillowcases.

First, here is an idea of my inspiration textiles.

WINKS - desire to inspire -
 I am loving the hand painted/hand blocked  fabrics 
that are everywhere in decor these days.

Hand Printed Fabric Design | Dasara by Pintura Studio:

 Block print curtains. See More. Deep in the tree:

Here's what I did.
This is definitely a "do as I say not as I do" tutorial. ;)

I started late at night because that's how I roll 
and it makes taking "good blogger" photos harder. But this is what we have!

I draped my kitchen table in plastic dropcloths because it was really cold the 3 days I had to work on this so the big table on the porch was not an option.

I gathered up supplies.

My recycled palette - Chic Fil A Catering Nugget Tray, foam roller, and Sherwin Williams Acrylic Latex in the perfect blue.
I know all about textile medium and extender but I have lots and lots and lots of clothes with latex house paint on them and it doesn't wash out. So I feel good about skipping the textile medium on this project. And if they faded slightly it would only add to the handblocked look.
And it's 11:30 at night, so there's that. 
I compromise with myself very easily late at night.

There's the $1.27 stamp. 
Roll a thin coat of paint on the stamp and start stamping.

Again, the sheets or yardage should have been pressed (or at least tumbled- yikes) but it did not matter for the "look" I was after so I lazily skipped that step.

I just eyed the repeat pattern and did not worry about the stamp image being "perfect" every time. I wanted a hand made, worn type of look. I wanted that Anthro vibe for these.

I just kept stamping, blow drying, shifting the sheet and stamping some more
 until all the sheets were finished.

And the next morning everything looked pretty good in the daylight!
Off they went to the #secretproject, ironed and crisp looking!
(There will be a full reveal!! Soon.)

 And then I pulled out my favorite Sherwin Williams green paint - Talipot Palm - and decided to go green on a couple of sheets and pillowcases
 for the #secretproject with another $1.27 foam stamp.

I love the green, too!
Grab a foam stamp and some leftover paint and give something solid a new look!
It's fun!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Total Game Changer!

If you follow along on my Instagram or this blog
then you know I love a good thrifting find
 - here and here  and here and lots of other posts, too.

I hit the jackpot (in my opinion) the other day!! 

I found 4, yes 4, of these in a new-to-me thrift shop!
They were sold as a set.

And what I hoped when I bought them,  worked out perfectly when I got home!!
(Cue angels singing!)

The TV remotes fit inside perfectly. 
All of them!

I stated on IG that I could sell them for a million bucks - 
Chinoiserie to hold your TV remotes and lots of readers agreed!! 
Even offering to buy the others!


and, AFTER:

I talked about finding this great thrifted coffee table here.
You will notice on the top left of the table 
that the remotes have rubbed off some of the finish while laying around on the table.
 No more! 
They are contained in style!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Move Over Finicky Fiddle Leaf Fig

Here comes the Banana Leaf Palm!!
My dream plant is everywhere in the design world 
and has an easy care personality!

And they go with every decor...
Hello, favorite black and white checked floors.
Interior Design Entry Hall Georgian


This chic room in the NYC apartment of Fawn Galli 
was featured on One Kings Lane recently...
(check out that Banana Palm!)
16 Tricks To Make Your Small Rooms Look Bigger + Mistakes To Avoid:
(and since Easter is approaching, how cute is that little gold bunny?)

Looks good with animal prints. (I knew it would.)
Though this sunny sitting area features a variety of patterns, the limited color story enables the differing elements to harmonize and complement each other. The majority of the room’s...

And it goes well with our favorite blue and white.
Of course.
bird of paradise | Habitually Chic® » Bleu et Blanc:

We already knew that Banana Palms looked fabulous as wallpaper.
the mixed malachite accents + emerald palm wallpaper bring this bathroom to life:
Brazilliance by Dorothy Draper:

And as fabric.
Resort Palm Leaf in Green Outdoor Fabric PO907:

I used it in my first One Room Challenge Guest Room makeover 
and in my previous ORC, the Master Bathroom, as well.



And Banana palms look great with pink!! Win-win!

I'm definitely going to have at least one of these beauties
 (the live palm, not the $475.00 roll of Martinique wallpaper!)
 in my life this Summer.
 I wanted one last year and never did it!
In case you want one too:
 Here are some tips on how easy they are to care for.
I'll be posting on my IG whenever I find a great price on them and you can grab one too!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

from my iphone 2/16/2017

I think it's been a while since I've done a random iphone photo dump 
so here ya go in no particular order:

I'm all sucked in to Grey Gardens again since it's in the news.
The house and grounds are on the market. 
You cannot help but be intrigued by the story.

Image result for grey gardens documentary

I'm already busy prepping for Summer travels and I am definitely ordering  Life Straws. 
Image result for life straw
I am excited to have this instead of other items I have used 
to make sure our water is safe in emerging nations. 
I love this technology!
We built water purification systems for homes in Honduras last Summer 
and I'm sure the filter situation was similar to this. 
Thank you to whomever nailed this!

I love this pineapple. 
I'm ready for warm weather and delightful drinks 
and this would make all of that even better.

I found this at GW this week. Yay me!


Mollie has moved on from pairs to triplets :)

I love everything about this little alcove!!
Bamboo chair. Elephant garden stool.
Palm trees. Blue and white. What's not to love? Let's go there!

I'm a huuuuge fan of IG.
Most of this iphone dump is screenshots from my IG scrolling. 
Quick snippets of pretty. 
Usually no long commentaries - I just gloss over anyway.
 IG is my relaxing, fun "me" time so I don't stop for anything negative.
I'm looking for happy!

Doesn't this just make you happy?
That crusty fountain, spring-y blooms. 
I want to see more of that pink Chinoiserie pillow 
and the colors in that platter!

Have a great weekend! 
Mine is slammed full. Busy!
But we do have fish tacos and margs planned for Friday night!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Bamboo Bar Carts - Not Just For Happy Hour!

 I know bamboo bar carts have been a topic on every lifestyle/shelter/decor blog for years now but they do not seem to be fading in popularity.
I love them and wouldn't care if they were trendy or not.
 (We have discussed thisMore than once. )

Of course, it does make you feel good when you google "bamboo bar carts" and this one from 1st Dibs pops up for $895.00.
It's circa 1965 and mine are considerably older!

Bamboo Bar Cart, USA 1965 1
I've talked about my great luck in receiving 2 antique bar carts 
that belonged to my moms dearest friend.
  I showcased them at Christmas and NYE.

 But we can't party all the time (insert perplexed look here!) 
so I needed to decide where the biggest of the bar carts was going to live
 when we weren't whooping it up.

Enter the bar cart as an end table. 
We had this narrow spot at the end of the couch 
and no place to perch a drink except the coffee table if you are on that end of the couch.

It's on wheels which is actually nice.
It's located directly across from our wet bar closet. 
That is very handy if we do want to style it up for drinks when we entertain.

We use the blue and white saucers and salad plates as coasters.
They work great and are prettier than a lot of coasters. 
And they have all been thrifted!

This is not the first time I've used a bar cart for something other than drinks.
A few years ago I used this one that I found at GW in my Master Bath 
to hold towels and a few bath necessities. 
(Sadly, no pics of it all styled up in the MBR)

Then I replaced the towel holding bar cart with a china cabinet.
Yes, a china cabinet in the bathroom.
We have no respect for "job titles" around here.

So, bar carts aren't just for happy hour.
What have you used your bar cart for?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hello Yellow!

Fresh paint:
February can be a gray and dreary month - even in the "sunny" South.
So, hello yellow.

This cheery color sampler came from Country Living's website.
(I've talked about their color forecasts before.)

They call it Marigold and the article says it is
 "the color that is taking over" homes this Spring!

I like yellow, 
and it is Mollie's favorite color (she had a yellow room when she was young!),
 but I don't have a ton of it in my house.

Most of the yellow I DO have is on my porch.

I discovered this new Rustoleum golden-y yellow spray paint late last Summer 
and freshened up a few items from the screened porch using it!
It's called "Tuscan Sun" and since I love the book by Frances Mayes 
and the movie starring Diane Lane, I figured it was a good color to try. 
It's amazing how I make some of my design decisions :)

Then I decided to give a bamboo mirror I found while thrifting a coat of my favorite Sherwin Williams gold-y yellow paint to freshen it up!

I love when I stock up on citrus - especially during the Winter.

In the interest of cheering up a gray February day
 I found some more  inspiration pics that may have us all thinking
 about using yellow ASAP!!

beautiful grouping of blue and white Chinese ginger jars and bowls:

Forsythia is a favorite of mine - it blooms so early here and it gives me hope that Spring is close!! And in that blue and white jar?? Perfect.

Daffodils and blue and white are such a good combination!:

And I actually saw daffodils blooming today in Atlanta! 

This article is from Town and Country mag and explains that every house needs Buffalo Checks. I agree. And those drapes are fabulous. So check, check!

Traditional Living Room Dressed in Yellow:

Y'all know by now I loooove anything bamboo.

Image result for yellow bamboo furniture

And if you want to walk around and spread the cheer, 
how about this cuuuute top from Boden.
Image result for yellow gingham shirt

So, are you embracing yellow this Spring?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Painting Chinoiserie, that is. 
I'm in a painting groove and I can't stop.

I bought plain white Christmas ornaments in December of 2015.
 They sat for a year :(
Then I made these.
And then I painted these.
And now I'm painting Chinoiserie Monograms!
And loving it!

They are large wooden letters - 18 inches tall.
So perfect for a protected front door, inside bedroom door, baby gift, little girls bedroom, nestled in a boxwood wreath for Spring or in a gallery wall grouping. Anywhere! 
It's the best of two worlds - monograms and chinoiserie!

This one is traditional blue but any color goes!! 
The background doesn't have to be white either! 

Monkey see, monkey do!

Here it is start to finish!!

I'm going to be making it easy to order these on the 
And they will soon be available on the new Instagram feed for elizabethandpayne.
Elizabeth and Payne is a new little adventure that Mollie and I are going to give a whirl. 
We keep finding such great things when we are out and about and finding things to paint in Chinoiserie so we want to share!
We will be hosting Elizabeth and Payne IG sales and maybe a pop up shop or two!!
Be sure to "follow" us everywhere so you don't miss a thing!