Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pink Chinoiserie!

For Valentine's Day!

I had a scrap of birch plywood on the porch
 and I had not put anything on my front door since the Christmas decorations came down

So I cut out a big, fat heart.

I put a quick primer coat of white paint on it.
And then I grabbed some pink paint.
A little bit of quick sketching.

And then I just quickly painted some images
 from my favorite blue and white dishes that I have around the house.

 It was a lot of fun.
 You just need one color of paint and some white paint. 
That's it!
I used Sherwin Williams Eros (deep pink.) 

I wanted to freshen things up a bit. It's been so gray lately.

And Mollie has a friend coming to stay for the weekend. 
A group of them are going out to celebrate "Singles Awareness Day" this weekend. 
The name for February 14th if you are unattached :)

I had the perfect pink Greek Key ribbon!
A quick bow and on the front door it goes!

Nothing says "hello" like a pink Chinoiserie heart
 and some sunshine!

This was a quick and easy project. 
And since I have wanted to make blue and white Chinoiserie Christmas ornaments for literally two years
 I'm feeling pretty accomplished to get this painted 
and show the front door some love!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Our family room walls are white. 
Glossy, regular old Sherwin Williams "white."

(They've been burgundy, tan, greige and
 an unfortunate gray blue that looked like baby boy nursery blue in our light in that room.
 That was repainted in a flash!)

 Nothing fancy.
( But the glossy part is important to me. )

This picture was taken with my iphone on a rainy afternoon. Sorry it's not better :)
My parents gave me a 1 time deep house cleaning as a gift back in July  (right before Mollie's college graduation party) and a team of 4 ladies spent about 6 hours at my house.
 They cleaned everything. It was!!
 Even though the pic is grainy everything is spotless at the same time!!! #trueluxury

And right there smack dab in the middle is the scary fan!
It has been replaced with a ceiling hugging bamboo fan without a light fixture.

There's a lot of white in that room but there is also a lot of texture.

Shiny tortoiseshell bamboo and sandpaper rough coral.

Natural elements like turtle shell, glossy green leaves, small sea shells.
Green glass, blue and white pottery.
(The turtle shell is a musical instrument from Honduras and was a gift. They eat the turtle meat and repurpose the shell.
And I just noticed a Sharpie on the wicker tray. I'm never far from a Sharpie!)

Wicker and rattan and more bamboo.
And lots of textiles. 
Quilted and woven. Ikat and Velvet.

(The blue and white blanket was woven in Honduras and brought home on our previous trip.)

More coral, pewter, shiny book jackets and painted wood.

And glossy white walls, shiny black lamps, textured oil painting, carved wooden boxes and shiny, shiny conch shells from a Bahamas trip with rough brick below 
(and, oh, how I want to paint that brick white!)

The trim is glossy white, too.
 I love light reflecting off of glossy surfaces and it helps in a room that doesn't get much light.

More bamboo  and wood and mixed metals. 

Texture is a game changer and a best friend to white walls!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

From My iphone


I feel like Kia should use me in a commercial.
 Downsizing over the last few years from a Suburban to a Kia Soul
 has not affected my ability to haul "good stuff" home. 
I can creatively pack it in!!
And below: All the "finds" we brought home from Charleston after Thanksgiving Break!

Our snow (last weekend) did not amount to much. It was pretty while it snowed.

It was incredibly cold so I snuggled up and reread this awesome book: 

We painted some more in Mollie's room.

Sorry for the grainy nighttime iphone pic but we had a stand off!!
 Someone was in someone else's "spot."

And I think everything in this Etsy shop is adorable but these pink and red monogram and chinoiserie cards take the cake!!
The picture is on Dana Mahnke's feed but they are from LB Originals.

And, boom! January is over.

 I can't believe it's February already but I hope Mr. groundhog predicts an early Spring!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lookin' Up.

We have needed a bit of a ceiling fan refresh round here.
This was not just a design decision...

Image result for bamboo ceiling fans at lowes
(Although I knew I wanted a bamboo one!!)
A while back I was snoozing on the couch in the family room and a weird crashing sound woke me up, the dogs barked like crazy, it was dark in the room and I went back to sleep. 
Turns out that one of the blades on our ceiling fan broke off- the brass part not the wood- went flying through the air and  crashed into the wall... 
 barely missing my favorite painting in the whole house -whew!

So to be sure that none of us is decapitated by a ceiling fan blade in the near future, we have been checking them out and replacing any that, in addition to circulating air on a warm day, might act as a guillotine.

Image result for bamboo ceiling fans at lowes
( I want this one in my entry way. In my beach house. On an island!! #keepdreamin' )
 We live in the Deep South and they are necessary almost year 'round!
For instance, it was 72 degrees on Christmas day here.
Warmer than usual but we still needed a little breeze.
The are an actual survival item when it's 90 degrees plus for days on end 
during the Summer.

Ceiling fans often get a bad rap on shelter blogs and Pinterest. 

funniest memes quotes ever (21)

And they are not as beautiful as many light fixtures, but again, it's the South. 

Hahahaha!! I actually really wanted a cute little black chandelier for my room.. But I didn't want to give up my ceiling fan!! :p Haha!:

Image result for bamboo ceiling fans at lowes
Not bamboo but I love the old fashioned vibe!! 
It reminds me of the fans in old beach dives!!
See larger picture of Fanimation Ceiling Fan Model FP602AB - photo
 And how about this beauty of a beachy fan???
It reminds me of the amazing fans at the beachfront bars and restaurants in Hawaii!!
( Think Dukes Waikiki or Hula Grill Kaanapali - two of our faves!!)

The top 3 images are from Lowes, we bought one very similar to the first fan pictured at Lowe's*, and bonus - ceiling fans were on major sale every where I looked.
So check your fans (seriously!!) and maybe you can find a great sale 
before it gets hot and sunny!!

* I am not compensated by Lowe's in any way. Just wanted to share our scary fan blade story so you can check yours and buy one on sale if needed!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

There's A New Shelf In Town...

I find bamboo furniture irresistible.
I need an intervention.

This bathroom was basically finished. I loved it.

I have seven zillion other things that need attention in my house.

Instead I found a shelf for next to nothing on one of  the "thrifting apps" on my iphone.
In my defense, we were "snowed in" and I had some time on my hands.

So instead of staying focused on the many rooms that look like a scene from "Hoarders,"
 I succumbed to the low, low price, the fact that it wasn't far, the guy would hold it until the snow melted here in Atlanta ('bout 15 minutes)
 and it is tortoiseshell bamboo. 
And it folds.
 I was all  in!

So there's a new sheriff  shelf  in town in the downstairs powder room.

I got in late last night but I had to start "styling" it up.
I'm sure it will change but I wanted to play!

And, once again, I'm lovin' it!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I've Got Color on a Snowy Day

Looking for something entertaining to do while you watch it snow??
(If you are anywhere on my side of things,  the East Coast above Florida, then apparently you've got a Winter white world!!)
So go to this website  Lamps Plus and shop the rainbow
Seriously so fun!!
 and the lamps appear in the color with a plethora of shade options.
Lemon Twist Double Gourd Table Lamp with Rhinestone Lace Trim
Need some sunshine on a snowy day? Not loving that shade???Lemon Twist Sheer Double Shade Double Gourd Table Lamp
Or maybe you are feeling blue??
River Blue - Satin Turquoise Shade Apothecary Table Lamp
Or I was reading about Design tension which is used to give a room that" little something extra", the unexpected zing, so maybe this color lamp
Verve Violet - Satin Light Gray Shade Ovo Table Lamp
or maybe
Lime Rickey Apothecary Table Lamp with Braid Trim
this could brighten your day and room??
It's called "Lime Rickey"??
Just saying that makes you smile!
So go to Lamps Plus  and entertain yourself!! *
Color Plus Collection - Colored Glass Lamps
*I am I in no way affiliated with Lamps Plus or have been compensated for this post.
 I just think this is fun and I love any site or store where you can shop by color.
Those ROY G BIV lessons really stuck!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Gray Day 1/21/2016

(This was supposed to post yesterday but THE INTERNET decided differently!!)

It has been a gray day in Atlanta.
All day.
I mean the color of the sky has been exactly the same all day.
You can't tell if it's 11 a.m., noon, or 4 p.m.

(This is the view from Mollie's Midtown office window. She's waaaay up high!)
And our forecast for tomorrow is that "we may or may not have snow."
How's that for succinct?
But, just in case, people here  are buying bread and milk like there's no tomorrow.

We bought our favorite ginger beer (this stuff is the bomb!) for Moscow Mules and salmon and veggies, the stuff to make 3 different kinds of GF muffins and the newly released movie, "The Intern."
That's how we roll. 
The thought of being snowed in WITH bread and milk depresses me. 

We like to party because it'll be over in no time flat.

I know that from the state line of Virginia up they are bracing for a big storm
 ( my parents are getting snow!) 

So I thought I'd post a few of my favorite "snowy" things!

You may have seen this on my Instagram

The Toms Nepal boots are my favorite for keeping my feet warm. 
They are coz-y and I got mine on big time sale with Christmas $$.
And as always, 

If you do get snowed in and are looking for something to keep kiddos busy 
using things you have on hand, try this: 

There are a lot more snow and snowman projects on the blog!
Check them out!

I think snow is beautiful.
I just like it in small doses :)

Three of my favorite "snowy" places that I have been are:

Georgetown, Colorado.  This is where John Denver filmed a Christmas movie.  Beautiful little town.:

Georgetown Colorado.
 It's full of adorable cottages and John Denver filmed a sweet Christmas movie there years ago. We "taped" it with the VCR and it was one of Mollie's favorites when she was young!

 Chamonix, France 
 I have never seen so much snow!!

Image result for chamonix france

Image result for college fjord

and College Fjord, Alaska.

But most of all, when it snows, I like to be at home, snuggled up with my family and pooches.

 The view from my front door during our last big snow in Atlanta!

Stay safe and warm!!