Thursday, December 14, 2017

Favorite Holiday Images...

... from around the web and social media. 
sort of a Holiday version of my sporadic iphone dumps on here!

I love this cheerful, eclectic room all ready for Christmas. 
You can just tell that it's going to be fun!

I, and about a zillion other people, love this view of  
Maura Endres home decorated for the holidays. 

Below is part of the pile of Gift Cards that the kiddos in my youth group collected for
 the Toy Shoppe at our local homeless shelter. 
They chose places that kids their age would want!

Blue and white, candy cane striped candles, decadent white fur and colorful ornaments.
 I love this from Andrea at Opulent Cottage. 

These are some of my youth kiddos racing to find out exactly how many gifts were given during the 12 Days of Christmas. There was some serious math going on.
 I promise there was a Sunday School lesson buried in there!

This image was taken by my friend Handel. Click over to his instagram to see the photos he takes (last weeks snow in GA) and to read his story. He graduates from college this week. 
I met him as a young boy when I was on a mission trip to Haiti. He survived the earthquake, was sent to the states barely speaking any English holding a phone number to call an aunt who didn't know he was coming, ended up moving to GA to live with my friends who knew his parents from mission work, enters an American High School where my daughter is called to the office to give him his welcome tour (they did not know each other before this), picks up photography, plays the piano beautifully, graduates HS and goes to college at Dalton State.
 This week he is front page news in Dalton!!
Life is a crazy ride!

The next two images are from Amanda Louise
She had a POP UP Shop in Greenville SC and I wish I had been there. 
Everything looked amazing.

And I do not "do Winter" very well so this sweatshirt caught my eye. 
I am living in fuzzy socks and drinking hot tea like crazy. 
And I'm in the Deep South.
I'm a chicken/whiner/crybaby when it comes to the cold. 

I'm like a pinball machine when it comes to what catches my eye!
Please share your favorite holiday images!! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Bamboo Friday Down Under Edition

One of the things I love best about the internet and social media is being able to "follow" people from everywhere and anywhere. 

I found @AnnaSpiro years before her book hit the US and I've stalked her ever since!!
Well, Anna Spiro has a new website
 and it's full of new images!!

So we are going "down under" for this Bamboo Friday.

Look at those great blue and white and bamboo chairs and that chunky table they are paired with. 
And that is the grandaddy of all gallery walls.

The chairs. The coffee table!

A girl after my own heart - stick a little bamboo table in anywhere you can :)

Not strictly bamboo but what a great table at this beach house. 

And this room is too fabulous. I'm not sure I can see any bamboo in this picture but who cares? It's an amazing room and there probably is a bamboo piece in there somewhere. 
Anna Spiro uses vintage bamboo in many of her spaces.

I hope she keeps the images coming - I love her new website and updates to her portfolio.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Tour-ish!

I hesitate to use the terminology "Christmas Tour" of my home considering some of the blogger tours out there!
So I guess it's a tour-ish! Sort of a tour...
Really just some peeks into our Christmas decorating...

We have a new (to us) greeter guy by the front steps.
I decided to cozy him up with a plaid scarf and Mollie gave him some sparkle with a "bouquet" of shiny ornaments in the shell he holds.
We are pretty smitten with him.

Just inside the front door is our most recent One Room Challenge project - our entryway.
It was fun adding some holiday touches to our "new" room.

The ceramic Nativity lights up but doesn't photograph well that way. 

I have been putting it on that chest for longer than I can remember.
I put a $4.00 pink poinsettia in a cachepot and added magnolia branches and evergreens to make it full and look good reflected in the mirror.
I'm a pink or white poinsettia gal all the way.

On the opposite wall in the entryway is my fabulous Brighton chair and table thrifting find from a few months ago.

To the left of the entryway is our Library.
 Formerly the Dining Room, about 10 years ago we started adding bookcases
 and morphing it into the full blown library it is today.
It is the only room that doesn't have white walls - they are high gloss black 
(Sherwin Williams Tricorn).

Oh, and wearing our furs. Faux, of course.

I hinted on Instagram last week that I was making a few changes in our downstairs powder room in preparation for a holiday brunch that Mollie and I jointly co-host.
It was supposed to be a quick paint job to  switch the green mirror for a different bamboo mirror I found the week before and paint it and the tan cabinet a bright cheery coral-y pink to coordinate with my flamingo print and add some pizzazz to the powder room.

We love the bright color (and by "we" I do not mean my husband) 
and it really adds a lot to the room even if I ended up not being able to use the "new" mirror after painting it and then having to repaint the first bamboo mirror from green to the new SW Grenadine pinky-coral color. 
This is why one should not start a project a few days before one has 20 women for brunch and why one should try mirrors to see if they fit before one paints them. 
Just sayin'
(And the towel is crooked. But isn't it cute?)

You can see the big tree on the screened in porch peeking in.

 A few pink bottle brush trees and some shiny ornaments for the bamboo shelf 
and we are set in this little room.

That concludes Part One of our Tour-ish. 
More to come soon.
I hope.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Pineapple Vase!

The gold pineapple vase in my One Room Challenge reveal last week 
is an amazing high/low find 
and would make a great little gift for someone or yourself.
 (That's how I got mine!! Wink, wink!)

It was $9.99 at Wal- Mart!! Yes, you read that right!
I couldn't find it online but it's still in the stores in my area. 
It's in the section with candles and silk flowers, etc.
It would look so cute with greenery or eucalyptus leaves in it for the holidays! 

Here is the $149.00 version:
Yes, you read that correctly also!

Pier One has the exact same gold pineapple vase online as mine for $19.99 
if it isn't on the shelves at your Wal-Mart. 
Still a good price!

Wal-Mart also has  a white one online for under $15.00.
Burton & Burton Vase Ceramic Pineapple Small
Add some flowers or greenery 
and you have a great hostess gift that will be used year 'round, I'm sure!
And pineapples are the symbol for hospitality!

*I'm not compensated in any way by Wal Mart or Pier One Imports, but wouldn't that be nice ?
I'm just sharing a great find.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Come On In! Fall 2017 ORC - The Entryway

The Reveal!

First, let me say that if I had hired me to do this project I would have fired me!!
The indecision. Very un-me.
Major aspects changed. Changed again.
And the number of trips to the fabric store?? 
Our Entryway really does not look like what I saw in my mind before I got started.

But Come On In!
 And let's see what you think...

A big, chinoiserie monogram welcomes you from the outside.

Looking in from the front door to the family antique chest, thrifted Gampel Stoll bamboo and pineapple mirror and a very heavy elephant garden stool found at an estate sale.

Looking past the mirror and chest toward the door to the family room 
and my very large DIY Audubon bird print.

(The walls are very white. Not pale, mint green!

Looking back across the chest to a piece of Haitian art that has hung in that exact spot
 since I got it over a decade ago. I love it there so it did not get moved.

(The chest is a family antique and it has a few spots and rings here and there,)

Looking from the front door into a previous One Room Challenge, 
(We unexpectedly refinished our entryway floors for the ORC and the yellow-y library floors will be next! This will help the flow with the vintage Brighton Pavilion bamboo chairs actually being in two different rooms.)

Looking from the Library toward the front door and the mirrored French doors. 
The bamboo shelf replaced the dusty, old hall tree that I did not love!

Looking down from the stairs: Library to the right, front door to the left.

You can go back to each of the previous weeks here:
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
and Week 6 
to read about my plans and many changes. 
I'll be posting some more in the next week or so about where I found some of my great bamboo pieces, why I didn't use any of the fabrics I purchased, how this room changed from one with a lot of fabric possibilities and a gallery wall to a pretty neutral, understated space.
There are some really great deals in this space along with a lot of "shop the house" items!
I plan to share more soon.
Hopefully picture overload does for now - especially since I am just now getting this post out!!
Even though my "reveal" is technically late (and boy, are the reveals I've already scoped out fabulous) I do appreciate the motivation that the Calling It Home Blog provides for me to get a room "finished" in 6 weeks or so. 
I'm excited to have this pretty entryway to decorate for the holidays and then welcome my guests!
Update: Come see this Entryway decorated for the holidays!
Be sure to see what everyone else accomplished as well.