Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I've Been Painting Furniture Non-Stop

I've been painting furniture during my blogging hiatus.
 A lot of furniture.
 A lot.
Some for College Girl's new place and some for clients.

College Girl wanted a gigantic white table in her place and she had plenty  of room. We found this drop leaf table in a new Thrift Shop near us about a week after she moved. We jumped on it - it was a steal. I started painting it white in my freezing basement during one of Atlanta's snow events. BRRRR.

Next up. Four chairs for the table. CG wanted them painted in 4 colors off of the same SW strip so they were an ombre when all around the table. They have fabulous SW names like Spa and Aquarium. It was fun to do 4 different colors. Chair painting took over the kitchen during the next snow event. I was over freezing in my basement.

Here they are lined up dark to light with the seats all recovered.
 They turned out soooo cute. She loves them.

A little $5.00 thrift store side table jazzed up with a two-tone paint job.
The shades of gray were left from our ombre paint job on two IKEA dressers that CG used in a previous apartment. We try to choose versatile pieces so that they can move with her for years to come. These can easily be repainted or have a hardware change in the future and be used in any room of the house. I love this particular dresser and it's only about $70.00 and simple to put together. It's unfinished so you can do whatever you wish.

The iphone picture is grainy - the light in her closet is not that great but these dressers give her a ton of storage and organizational space. And they look pretty cute too.

Then someone gave me this very nice Broyhill end table that I decided to use for CG's new apartment. She wanted hot pink - I mean, when else can you do whatever you want and paint furniture hot pink but when you are young and single??

So, again to the kitchen with a project. It was too cold to work anywhere else this Winter and chili and soups only require a crockpot - thankfully!
She chose Sherwin Williams Eros Pink and it is fabulous in her space.

I have more furniture pictures but I'm actually headed out to paint furniture in a few so that's the photo overload for today. 
Two posts in two days. What???????

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back Again!!!

A lot has been going on since I last posted in March...
 I mean, one would hope I had been doing something!!
I truly admire people who post daily, or even regularly. I'm a huge blog reader and I hate when my faves don't post but I can't say much because I tend to disappear.
Anyway, in an attempt to post for the 3 people still checking my blog, I'm going to try some 'catch-up' blogging.

My previous post was about an ottoman make-over for College Girl's place and if you follow on Facebook or Instagram then you know that she actually moved in December. On IG the # is #isit6movesor7 because she has moved quite a few times in 5 years :)  But it does give us a lot of fun mother-daughter decorating time together. 
This place is all hers so we can do whatever she likes!!

December is a crazy time to move but it was the end of the semester, we found a perfect place in a perfect location within walking distance of campus (driving from the old place and parking was a nightmare) and it seemed like we needed to jump on it. Real estate in a growing college town is not a wait and think about it proposition. 

We literally moved her whole life into the new place in one long day
 (trying to beat the rain, as well).
We just unloaded everything into the middle of the place and then started from there. Not an optimal way to move  4 days before Christmas) but we kept our humor and took a break to eat Mexican when needed.

First order of business?? 
The ugly back wall that you look straight at when you walk in. 
Terrible view. Gotta go. 

The solution was to fill the entire wall with curtains and "cover" the eyesore. We used $5.00 twin sheets from Wal Mart. We used 4 charcoal gray and 2 white and hung them from white clip rings and an IKEA curtain rod. The IKEA rod was a lifesaver. It was waaaay more reasonable than any other option for covering that length of wall and just kept expanding to fit our width!! Easy to install as well. That made things start to look better. We set up her bedroom and the kitchen. Everything else we needed to come up with on a budget! 
We were on it.

Next, the bathroom cabinets were ugly - pretty much beat up plywood.

Fabric bought with Hobby Lobby coupons to the rescue. We made "skirts" to cover the cabinets and hung them with tension rods. 
Quick and easy fix and we chose fun fabrics and colors!

 Much better! College Girl found that crazily perfect hand towel on sale at Target. She shopped our house for some accessories in the perfect accent colors and the powder room is looking good!

Another week. Another Hob Lob coupon and she chose this for the upstairs bathroom. CG loves lavender( and it is the color of the year) so we wanted something that would allow us to accent with lavender and/or purple. It ties in with the gray throughout her place and has the colors from the downstairs in it as well. Score!

It's hard to get a good picture in a tiny space but the fabrics really helped to brighten up the bathrooms!

A gorgeous Sherwin Williams Color To Go sample and we jazzed up some accessories 
and created some art...

Bathrooms? Check.

Next up?

Furniture. Just kidding! Well, not completely. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Makeover...

 She wasn't an attractive ottoman but she had a good personality and sturdy legs...
This is about as much of a "before" photo as I have.
This was once a very nice upholstered ottoman. My mom handed it down to us and my husband used it in his office/man cave for a while.  She was old and a little worn.  We put her in the basement and somehow she never made it to Goodwill. 
Thank goodness. 
I gave her a second look a while back and dragged her upstairs. I gave her a good vacuuming and then I lifted her skirt and cut it right off. 
I primed her sturdy legs.

Then I made a little slip cover out of a washed and tumbled canvas drop cloth. 

(** Disclaimer:  I have said many times before that I am not a seamstress in any shape or fashion.  I'm sure there are many better ways to go about this but I just drape, pin, sew and trim off the excess. It works for us. )

This decision to revamp the stool  was made about 10 p.m. one night so the pictures are a bit dark and grainy. But if I didn't have an iphone I'm not sure I'd ever remember to snap pictures along the way.

Everyone has turquoise zebra print upholstery fabric hanging around their house in case they decide to redo an ottoman at 10 p.m. after all fabric stores close, right? 
Well, that's how it went down at our house.
Using the same drape, pin,sew, trim technique as the dropcloth dust cover
I made a turquoise zebra print cover for the ottoman.

After I made sure all of the sewing did, in fact, fit I gave her sturdy little legs a coat of
 Sherwin Williams Spa that was still hanging around from the turquoise ombre chairs we painted 
( You may have seen their progress on Instagram)

And here she is all cute and zebra-y and turquoise in College Girls townhouse.

We love her new look and she is a super useful addition.

And,total cost??
I had everything on hand and if I had needed to buy fabric it would have been 
less than $10.00 with a coupon at Hobby Lobby 
or at the fabric store in CG's college town. 
Their prices are amazing.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I love Flipagram. I'm a little obsessed. 
This may not be a good thing. Not because Flipagram is a bad thing but because I really don't have much to put into a Flipagram and that hasn't stopped me. 
Not one bit. 
I'm scrolling through pictures just hoping to find something worth Flipagramming
 ( New word. Might end up being the word they add to the dictionary next year. 
This year it was "selfies.")
 I'm a much bigger fan of Flipagram than selfies. Just saying.

You will see this in it.

It is just random pictures of past projects 
tied together by a song about color.
Choosing the music is another fun aspect of the FG process. 
I'm not one of those people who knows the song title and artist of songs,  any song really. 
Even if I hear it a kajillion times. But with FG you can enter the title, artist or just a topic and a bunch of songs pop up. 
Then you can listen to a quick preview of the song before you choose it. 
Very fun and entertaining.

 Photo: Adding in some Sherwin Williams Anjou Pear mixed with white for shading. Leftover paint is being put to good use- I have a bunch of those SW samples to use. I just like the consistency of this house paint :)
The idea behind this one was to FG  the process of this painting step-by-step. 
Excellent idea in theory. 
I think this could really work if you decided before pictures were taken 
and documented it more carefully. 
I decided after the fact and just had to use what I had. (Again I say, not having anything spectacular to FG has not stopped me.)
The song is good though :)

I actually made my first FG in January - right after the first- and it was The Year In Review for College Girl and it was cute. 
I chose about 80 photos and found the perfect song and it is really fun to watch. 

I think that FG could be used for a school project of some sort. It's like  quick power point with music. I think a book review could possibly be done with FG. Or a science project. 
I think it could be a very creative way to present information if your child has a very savvy teacher.

Well, anyway, I am a huge fan of Flipgram. Try it - you'll like it.
 But be warned, it is addicting and you can definitely get sucked in and lose track of time. 
Post them on IG - everyone loves to check them out!! 
Have fun.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Family Portraits (Sort Of) For Sale!!!

  Mollie and I are going on a mission trip to Honduras in a couple of months. We are going to build chimneys, latrines, put flooring in dirt/clay huts and play with the children in the villages we visit. We are incredibly excited. 

We are very, very behind on our fundraising so we are trying out a type of fundraiser we have seen work for others on blogs and FB.

We are offering a family portrait painting - sort of. 

We are painting these 8 x 10 inch nest paintings. You can choose how many eggs you would like in your nest - the number in your family, number of children, two eggs for a wedding or engagement gift, perfect for grandmothers or moms with eggs representing each child or grandchild. We are asking for at least a $25.00 contribution per painting. That includes delivery or shipping (in the US). 

If you would like a larger painting we are open to that as well. We have payment deadlines coming up so please let us know if you would like to support our mission trip. If you feel comfortable sharing this on your own page with your friends that would be great!! The more paintings we get to make the closer we are to getting to Honduras. 
If you have questions feel free to message me.

We hope this will be a great way to share our trip to Honduras with others and to share a little art as well.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When Life Gives You Snow...

... Stay warm and make stuff!!!

What else can you do?? Here in Atlanta we are not prepared for snow and ice in a way that allows us to go on with school and work, etc. So we just have to go with the flow snow and hunker down at home. Sometimes I clean or organize and I can always still work (thank you for the fact that we have power and therefore, internet) 
but I always see these snow days as bonus "art time!!" 

So I thought that you might like to see a recap of some past snowy art projects and maybe get inspired to be creative if you are stuck at home for yet another snow day!!

This guy is my most pinned project ever. It is crazy - thousands and thousands of repins. He was the result of the passing thought, " I need a simple, inexpensive snowman project using stuff I have and that has a purpose in the classroom besides cuteness!!"  Snowman in a Baggie was born and he has made everyone he meets happy. He has also sparked many other baggie projects that I now do. That could be a post on its own!!

You probably have this stuff hanging around right now!

And sparkly Snow Guys.

All you need is paper plates, a baggie and "stuff" you have laying around!! 
You can really get creative with this one.

You can create a larger version of these fun puppets using paint sticks, different sizes of paper plates or paper circles or larger lids like those from coffee cans and sour cream containers!!

Another snowguy project that has been pinned a zillion times. 
A little more involved but he can hang around all Winter
 to keep you company on snow days!!

You can keep yourself the kiddos entertained for hours with this concotion!!

That's where you'll find this guy:

Photo: Word on the street is that Mr. Snowguy is expecting company. In the form of "flaky" friends!!   We are expecting another "snow event" I the ATL. I hope it's less eventful than the last one!!! #illbehomebythefireifyouneedme
 and this project - super cute and fun to do with the kiddos on a cold, Winter day:

And if you are someplace warm or really just over 
the snowy, Winter thing how about this guy??


Photo: Adding in some Sherwin Williams Anjou Pear mixed with white for shading. Leftover paint is being put to good use- I have a bunch of those SW samples to use. I just like the consistency of this house paint :) 

or on my Instagram.  I am constantly on IG. Obsessed.

If you are cooped up on a snowy day then I hope these pictures and links inspire you. And if you are somewhere warm and sunny... well, then, I'm just jealous!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Well, Hello.

Well, hello. Happy New Year. Yes, I know it is almost the end of January. 
I have not posted since December 14th. I feel bad about that because a LOT has been going on and I have some great (I think) stuff to blog about but I'm so busy with all of it that I  just haven't posted. Plus, I have had some blogger/computer issues that are 
so frustrating that I have to just walk away. 
So. No posts in over a month.
And no pictures on this post. ** See above comment  about computer issues. 
When I win the lottery I'm getting myself a Mac. Period. I never thought I would desire certain technology so much but I just do.
**And about the winning the lottery comment. 
Any time I say that College Girl always says, " Right. We'll never see any of the lottery winnings because mom will be in Haiti feeding children within 24 hours." True. But I will stop and get Macs so we can all communicate while I am cooking in Haiti. 
That would be so much fun.
Also. It has been years - really- since I have bought a lottery ticket so really this is all hot air.
But, fess up, do you ever think about what you would do if you won the lottery?? 
I actually knew some people who won the lottery years ago. They were clients at a job I had right out of college. It was crazy. They won a boatload of money.
I might buy a boat. Just sayin'.
OK, back to reality.
I haven't blogged BUT I have been on the mollie's mom FB page
and on instagram like crazy. That's where you can see what I've been up to.
I have to say that I love Instagram. 
It is right up my alley- lots of images and not much opinion!!
It's a "quick fix' in the social media world. I am following quite a few Australian bloggers on IG and I absolutely love their beachy style and the fact that I can have Summer vicariously right now via Australian bloggers. I'll take warm, summery posts any way I can get them. I'm over the term Polar Vortex. Completely.
So check out Instagram and the FB page and I'll try to get some posts up soon. I'm off to teach at conferences all weekend so I'm thinking it will be after that before I try to get something on the ol' blog- computer permitting. 
Still scrolling down and thinking surely this isn't a pictureless post?? 
That's against all the rules and codes of blogging. 
 But in the picture department- nada. 
Go to the above mentioned IG and FB posts and you will see some colorful posts and a cute snowguy or two.
And here's a teaser... just like on TV... CG moved- again. Uh huh.
 So we have more new apartment/budget decorating posts and pics in our future. Oy.