Thursday, January 5, 2012

Easy, Peasy Snowmen

This guy is easy, peasy and basically free!
Take a plain white paper plate - the cheaper and thinner, the better.

Fold in half.

Tear a scrap of fabric into a one or two inch wide strip. Any fabric will do. I usually do lots of black and white or bright colors on our snow projects in January so they don't look too Christmas-y. Tie it around the fold.
Make a knot and you have a cozy scarf.
Punch a hole in the center of both layers of the plate and tie together with some ribbon.
Add some rosy cheeks with pink chalk and make a carrot nose. I used a scrap of peel and stick fun foam because I had it but you could sponge paint it, use magic marker or construction paper. Whatever you have on hand.
Then, the eyes... maybe wiggle eyes...
... or buttons...

... or recycled bottle caps... ( or paint or magic marker or fun foam... you get it!)

Whatever you choose, he will be super cute.

You can stop there or if you are in the classroom setting you can have children write snow facts on the back or words that rhyme with the word snow or something to tie in with your snow unit!!

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  1. great craft for kids - easy and adorable. thanks for sharing!

  2. I love all your snowmen projects!!!!!

  3. my daughter wants me to tell you that "that snowman is a beautiful snowman"

  4. The snowman it the perfect craft for the great grandchildren to make for their parents.