Friday, January 13, 2012

Ikea Love!!!

I Ikea.
 I actually have a long standing affection for Scandinavian design. A major part of my portfolio work in college was influenced by Marimekko. I am not interested in experiencing their cold winters but I love all the white with pops of color and how clean and crisp and well designed everything is. And if you don't know Ikea- the prices are so amazing.
Reasonable with a capital "R."
So I went to Ikea today and it makes me :) 
 On a good traffic day in Atlanta I can be there in under 30 minutes. Which is good because then I can spend hours wandering around. And that is a testimony to Ikea because I am not.not a shopper. At all.

A red and white polka dot lap desk. Super cute and an awesome pillow. On a wonderful slipcovered couch which is less than $400.00! See what I mean?
Another great pillow. Their textiles are fabulous. This design also came in black and white, which is my weakness. It looks like a doodle from my notebook. It's what I do when I should be listening in meetings :) However, the photo of the black and white pillow makes your eyes do funny things. Ikea lighting is not the best for photo ops.
I want to marry these grayish wicker trunks.
And anything. Anything at all with lettering, monograms ( this is the South, after all), fonts, typography is fabulous in my opinion. So this bedding gets a gold star in my book. I'm way past nurseries and kiddie rooms but this bedding would be over the top for that.
In love with the gray check chair.
Bathroom sink love. And the price! Have you priced sinks lately? Especially the cool sit on the top kind?? They are crazy expensive.

They have frame heaven downstairs. Every size, shape and color. These are cuties and such possibilities for a gallery wall.

And guess who was there having a delicious meatball lunch???
What else are you going to do after the holiday rush??? He's probably trying to get the elves organized. Ikea has the best organizational stuff around. I think there are Ikeas closer to the North Pole but then maybe Santa just wants to go South after the holidays. I know I do!

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  1. Unfortunately the pictures didn't come through but I can visualize the items as I love Ikea also. I haven't been in a long time, tho'. Dott