Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello Home Depot!!

Seriously, I ran into HD to buy some wood for a Valentine's themed Afternoon Art Camp next week*. I cannot go to HD without popping into the Garden Center- any time of year- and especially when I have Spring Fever (I am not a Winter kind of girl. I start wearing scarves and sweaters if it drops below 60!!). I actually would spend my last dollar on a plant or flowers over food. It's true.
So, I stuck my head in the Garden Center even though I was supposed to be hurrying (and bought a white African Violet- could not help myself!) and saw all this great stuff...
Have you seen this set?? I would put it in my Family Room. I'm serious. It's that good.
It is amazing. The color is off in this pic due to the awful lighting at HD but it is an awesome "greige" and look at the stylish pillow fabric.

And more great fabrics - Love stripes!!
And coordinating florals. I love these tropical colorways but they have a "greige" colorway as well. And I failed to snap a photo, but beautiful screenprint-look silhouette throw pillows with birds and quatrefoils, etc. Very upscale looking - reminded me of Ballard but for $24.99. I occasionally score a great deal on a Ballard pillow by dropping into the warehouse when I'm downtown but otherwise this is a much better deal!

And look at these...
Eighteen dollars?? These have possibilities galore. A little scrap lumber and you have tables, ottomans, benches...
And I told a friend about these at Christmas. She was pricing Adirondacks online and around town and they were well over $100.00 and many were $199.99.  Here is a very nice sturdy chair for under $50.00!! Some bright, cheery spray paint and you are ready for some sun and a good book. We have 4 Adirondacks on our screened in porch They are my faves.
So, seriously, Home Depot!! I'm really ready for Spring now!!

* On the subject of the wood for Art Camp. In case you don't know it- your dream guy is in the back of the HD store. He will happily cut any size board into as many pieces as you want while smiling and chatting. He doesn't care what you are using it for or complain about cutting 14 different sizes. He will do this for free!!! See? Dream Guy!

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  1. Oh, I totally agree! I love the furniture and the colors and patterns of the pillows are great. You sound like Nana who once said that with her last dollar, she'd buy a plant. Dott