Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not a "crafty" post, I'm afraid...

Not a "crafty" post but there is some art at the end....
A couple of years ago, before the big earthquake, I traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with Crawford Hitt of Edu-Pack (
While we were there a small earthquake occurred. It was an indicator of a greater earthquake that would occur on this day in 2010.
We met the warmest people and spent time with the most precious children.

 A group of schoolchildren in their finest ( and in some cases, only) clothes. They sang songs for us and recited lessons. It is mostly an oral school experience because they do not have any paper, pencils, or crayons. ( Quite frankly, the crayons might just melt. It was 105 degrees!)

Scenes from the streets of Port-au-Prince. These are pre- earthquake, if you can believe it. Top right is a 'house" with many people living in it. Bottom left is "beachfront" property in Cite de Soleil, which the UN claims to be the poorest place in the world.

The Haitians create beautiful art from found items ( right up my alley!) with little hope of selling any of it  (unless I'm in town!!!)
We went to church with thousands of Haitians. For two hours. Notice the fan is not on. They were saving the electricity to run the fan when it got really hot. I guess that means, like, 120 degrees???!!!?

And now, after the earthquake and living in tent and tarp cities.
 I know there are hungry, thirsty people everywhere but on this day I want to remember my friends in Haiti and share their precious, smiling faces with you...

Dollar bottles of bubbles... it's the little things ...

PS. This is what happened to all of College Girls Beanie Babies.
 (Thank you, CG. Some of these children have never owned a toy!)
...thank you American Airlines for not charging for the extra bags and the 80 lbs. of Beanies, teaching supplies, craft materials and bubbles that we hauled on your airplane!!!!

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