Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Point is...

... to learn about Pointillism and George Seurat. He made his very large pictures by painting lots and lots of dots. We call him "Seurat the Dot!!"
 We started with a canvas. I used two sizes of cupcake liners to mask out a snowman shape. We used q-tips and 3 cool colors on our palettes ( paper plates! Haha!! ) to dot our background. Then the magic happens. We carefully peel off the cupcake liner circles and the positive shape that is left is a snowman.

Then , we used white and sparkly silver paint to paint our snowman. You can hear those q-tips dot, dot, dotting on the canvas. This is a good project if you've been cooped up a few days. I have the children stand to do this and get their whole arms moving!! Play some music and you can really get that dotting rhythm going. Wonder how Seurat did those big paintings without Pandora???

Then we made 2 dots for eyes with black paint, 3 dots for the nose with orange paint and 4 dots for the mouth ( Counting in Art class... makes those cross- curriculum folks happy !)

And then we painted as many buttons as we wanted!! A sprinkle of crystal glitter and this guy is spunky and sparkly.

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  1. Seurat is one of my favorite artists and this would work great to introduce my kids to his art in a more hands on way -- I love it!

    Thanks for the great idea!!