Friday, March 20, 2015

Chick Night

Two weeks ago we had our second ladies night at church.
I realized I never posted about the first one :)
The theme for the first one was literally chick night
 and somehow that became the name of our ladies night
 even though the theme changes every year.
I say "every" tongue in cheek because I changed church jobs a little over two years ago
 and we have just had our second chick night at my new church.
But it has caught on and we are already thinking about the next theme.
Chick Night was a super cute, fun and easy theme.
We went with pink and yellow for everything so it was very cheerful and perky.
I made tons of signs with these cute chick faces on them.
Just circles cut from yellow scrapbook papers - solids and patterns.
 Orange triangle beaks and button eyes.
 And I bought one package of real yellow feathers to add a fun touch.
 I hot glued those and pink ribbon bows on the tops of my chicks' heads.
The signs had funny sayings that were plays on the words having to do with the chick theme.
"Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Chick Night!!"
"Which came first? The chicken or Chick Night?"
You get the idea.
We had fun door prizes. We had Peeps and feather boas for one thing!
 Just silly little 'peep' and chicken themed prizes.

I  used chicken wire and twinkle lights on the serving table.
 I stretched the wire in old frames I had and around some scrap squares of wood I had at home  and had already  painted white.
We draped them with twinkle lights and cute pink and yellow buntings.
Easy and used items I had at home because the budget was very, very small.

I bought fake daisies at the dollar store and put them in mason jars I had on hand.
I made the chicks from yellow paper lanterns.
I found them for a dollar and they were already yellow
 but I had already planned to spray paint them
if all I could find at the dollar store was white.
 I've painted them before and it works just fine if you do light coats.
Again, I used a triangle of orange scrapbook paper for the beak and buttons for eyes.
I cut ovals of yellow paper for the wings and added some yellow feathers
with little dabs of hot glue.
I cut a strip of yellow scrapbook paper about 3 inches by twelve and cut it into a fringe.
 I just rolled it up and slipped it in the opening at the top of the paper lantern.
You can secure it with a dab of hot glue if you need to.
I put them in galvanized buckets that I found at the dollar store and the Target Dollar Spot.
We put some raffia around them to look like straw.
These lanterns are great for fun, inexpensive décor.
I've used them for this and this.
But the table centerpieces were the hit of the evening!
 Remember, we are in the metro Atlanta area,
 but I found a feed store between home and where College Girl is at school
 and bought galvanized chicken feeders for less than $3.00 each!
I had the mason jars at home.
 I washed the heck out of those new feeders and
then went on a quest to find something fun to fill them with.
The custom pink and yellow m and m's were too expensive.
I explored a couple of other possibilities and
then I saw the bags of pre-popped popcorn at the dollar store!
Seriously, I should have thought of that first.
Corn. Chicken feed!! Brilliant.
And it was the right color for our theme too!!
We put one in the center of each table and the ladies of all ages went crazy over them!!
There wasn't a speck of popcorn left at the end of the night!
Every chick there had a great time!
We really changed it up for the Chick Night we had a couple of weeks ago-
Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Everything was white and Tiffany blue and pearls.
We challenged the ladies to wear black and white, their pearls or even a tiara.
Some of them channeled their inner Audrey and came dressed to the nines!
Such fun!

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