Thursday, December 1, 2011

"It's Snowing Men!!"

Remember this lantern idea from an earlier post?? Well, I've been making lots and lots of snowmen for the event this Friday and they were so cute all piled up. They're even cuter when they are all lit up!
I'm also painting some burlap door hanger snowmen for Friday as well. I'll try to post pics when they are all finished and puffy!

Yes, they have polka dotted noses :)
It did actually flurry in Atlanta this week - crazy. It'll be 70 by the weekend. That's our weather - you never know?! I always like snowman art projects though. I love their graphic quality and the high contrast and the fun colors you can add to all that black and white. Or maybe I just like that they are painted and I'm not really in freezing temps with tons of snow!! I'm a warm weather girl all the way!!! (Although, I must admit there are ski plans for Christmas Break, BRRRR!)

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