Friday, December 2, 2011

Popular Guy.

This guy was inspired by Pinterest.
We had our event and this was one of the biggest hits. I tweaked the Pinterest inspiration a bit. I used one of the paper lanterns for the head. I bought one a bit larger than the Dollar Tree ones because this tree was 6.5 feet tall. It was still less than $2.00. Our event was called "Candy Cane Lane" so I wanted to use two of the lighted candy canes from Wal Mart as arms. The one I saw on Pinterest didn't have arms but I wanted these. We just used cable ties to hold them in place and plugged the lights into the ones on the tree. The Candy Canes were less than $3.00 each. The scarf is a scrap of red and white striped cotton fabric - not even 1/4 yard if you have to buy some. The "buttons" are die cut peppermint candy mints from the school supply store. A vinyl table cloth with candy canes and peppermints on it is the tree "skirt". I had originally planned a white sheet as the skirt but I saw this one for $4.88 and it fit the theme. I had the plastic top hat - leftover from a Hollywood party but  it was originally from Oriental Trading. If you have the tree it is very inexpensive to create this. Wal Mart has 6.5 foot white unlit trees for $40.00. The funny thing is that they sold out immediately and I  think it's because of the snowman tree being all over Pinterest. And I think Pinterest rocks.  

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  1. He is darling! I love how you used a lantern for his head! I am so getting a white tree for next year! Thank you for the inspiration!