Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree!!

This is a quick but very cute little project for the kiddos to get creative with. Just put the supplies out and let them have fun. It costs basically nothing!
I had the little clay pots left over from earlier projects but they are 4/$1.00 at Dollar Tree or 29 cents each at Hobby Lobby.
 We cut two triangles out of scrap cardboard ( good "green" craft project). This one looks a little like it should be in a Dr. Seuss Christmas story!
We used Tacky Glue to glue a jumbo craft stick in between the two cardboard triangles.  You can see from the side view below.

We painted the pots and added polka dots, painted the tree with green glitter paint and painted the trunk brown.
Let all that dry and then glue on some buttons for ornaments. Then we added jingle bells or a glittery star to the top - whatever you like!
After everything was dry we put a small ball of air dry clay in the clay pot and inserted the trunk. We topped it off with some cotton ball snow. These were a lot of fun and a great project to allow for creative expression - just put paints, glitter, buttons, bells, stickers - anything you have out there and let them decorate away!

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