Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quick and Cute Outdoor Nativity!

 This Nativity is quick, cute, can be used outdoors and is heavy?? What is it made of??? Look familiar?? It's made from interlocking concrete landscape pavers. Every time I looked at one ( all Summer long) I kept thinking they looked like people and would make a cool Nativity for outside. I also kept thinking, "Am I crazy to do this with children?? They are heavy!" I could envision broken toes or something.
Well, we went for it. I gave them a talk about not moving the blocks, only adults could do it, and we put them on cardboard drink flats on the floor and painted away. We used exterior house paint and kept our details simple. They have an almost primitive look. We did these for the first time 5 Christmases ago and they still look great! 
From time to time I will see a set on someone's front porch or in their yard this time of year :) I wish I had pictures of their sweet Nativities and of them spread out on the floor painting away!! But it was before blogging so this is all I have.
It is no small undertaking with a group, though. I advertised the class and ended up having to haul almost 80 of those blocks to church ( thank you, husband!!) the first time.
If you have a strong back this is an inexpensive but "big impact" Nativity. The pavers were just over $1.00 at Lowes ( something like $1.32 or close to that and they had the tan colored ones but if you had to use gray/natural concrete color it would be fine. It's the shape that matters) Since I ended up with such a big group I had to buy some house paint but you can use whatever colors you have on hand. And baby Jesus has some twine wrapped around him to look like he's wrapped up in swaddling clothes. So, if you have paint, this Nativity can cost as little as $5.00.
PS. After some of the Seniors at church saw these drying in my office they wanted to do a set. So it appeals to all ages!! I did it with one of our Senior Adults who went on to make 5 sets for her family.

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