Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner??

Well, no one. Because this is what the dish drainer looks like. And don't let the big mixing bowl fool you into thinking I baked something. Oh no, that's my tracer for a nice big snowman painting!
And the kitchen table? Covered! And you can't even see the layer of glitter on everything. That would add a nice crunch to a meal! Ha.

Ok, well if not dinner, maybe a muffin for breakfast???... Nope, those muffin tins are busy as ornament holders. ( Hope ornaments for the Breast Cancer Support Group at church!)
It would be pretty tough to get any food out of this craft workroom   kitchen this week.
I'm about to send the last of the special orders out the door and finish up gifts for our friends but just in case....

Dear Santa,
Please bring a California Pizza Kitchen gift card!!!
Thank you!!

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