Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I love the color green.
 I'm not a cold weather kind of gal so green is important to me.
 Green grass. Green leaves on plants and trees.
Looking out of the windows and seeing green scenery.
I love green moss.
 I even like green veggies and salads.
I don't get to use  green all that often at the design studio where I do some free lance painting.
But green is practically a neutral. It looks good with everything.
A room can look perfect and then you add a green plant and it goes to another level.
I just need green in my life.
I've talked about this bamboo mirror recently. It is Ryegrass by Sherwin Williams.
It's a new favorite green.
College Girl chose this fabulous mint-y green ( Sherwin Williams Kiwi )
 for our $5.00 yardsale mirror score.
 It hangs right in her entry way and is fabulous.

Looking at turquoise-y blues and greens for a project.
  It's a process :)

This was the view from my chair for a while.
Indecision, indecision.
The light in this room really affects blues and greens!
 I usually am more impulsive with color and just grab a brush and go,
 but I painted this room a soft blue gray years ago
(without looking at a swatch in the changing light)
 and it looked baby blue - like nursery baby blue. Oy!
But we have reached a decision and the paint is here
 and waiting for the opportunity to paint the cabinet.
We ended up with a turquoise on the blue side not the green side.

 This is a humongous console. It was black and pretty beat up.
This was a re-do for a huge, newly renovated home in Buckhead.
And the designer chose the fabulous green SW Ryegrass.
I was so excited. I paint a lot of white, gray and black for people so a pop of color is exciting.

It turned out fantastically and I have neither before, after or install pics.
It happens sometimes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, buy some green paint and remember...


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