Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Swinging from the Chandeliers!

Not really!!
But we are loving this new addition to our screened in porch.
Not an original idea at all. I first saw this on Pinterest
 but I didn't pin it so I can't get you to the original link.
I knew it would be perfect on our porch so it stuck in my mind.
I gathered up 2 small Hula Hoops - one College Girl won at Relay for Life and one from Dollar Tree.
I had a roll of white Duck Tape (but if you don't, $3.00)
I had one strand of icicle lights with white cord and a variety of other Christmas lights that I had bought at Christmas or the end of the season Summer sales (patio lights).
The lights would be less than $5.00 if you had to buy them new.
This time of year the lights are in the Summer Patio section or Bridal section and online.

Then I started wrapping the Hula Hoops with the white tape. Once I finished that I used white zip ties ( I bought a zillion white ones at Harbor Freight for $1.99)
But you could wrap the lights if you didn't want to get the zip ties.

 Just wrap the lights around and around. As many as you like.
I used a strand of regular twinkle lights, a strand of icicle lights
and a strand of clear ball shaped patio lights because I had them.
I still need a strand of icicle lights for the second chandelier.
Here is the "in progress shot" and it looks like a tangled mess!!

I had to buy white chain to hang them with.
 I tried white clothesline that I had but $5.00 worth of white plastic chain worked much better.

I screwed a cuphook in the rafter and hung it from the chain.
They weigh practically nothing.

I ran a white extension cord to each one and TA-DA!!

Our table is long ( 3 outdoor patio tables pushed together) so I made two.

And then we waited for it to get dark and we "tested" them out
 by having really big blackened shrimp tacos for dinner!

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