Saturday, May 16, 2015

A "Girlie" Party for Confirmation

This year our entire Confirmation Class at church was girls.
So we had some freedom to be a bit "girlie" in the things we did
and for our celebration at church after our Confirmation service.
I made each of them a 'banner" which in actuality was a canvas.
They hung in the Sanctuary.
I used a 12 x 12 canvas that I got in a package at JoAnn's using a coupon.
That made them very affordable.

I wanted them to be neutral enough that they could hang them in their rooms
no matter what colors they had.
I used grays and creams.
It was all done with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.
I printed out our verse that we used throughout the process.
It's on our t-shirts, etc.

Late night banner making!

And then I set out to make the reception afterwards girlie, fun and
spunky like these 6th grade girls are :)
Oh, and on a budget and the reception is going to be where all church activities happen -
 in  the largest room at church and usually not super attractive décor.
In our case it's the gym which I love but not really a party atmosphere!
I found these super cute flower plates at the Dollar Tree months before our big day.
I bought black and white striped napkins at Wal Mart.
They had gift wrap to match the paper plates so I bought 1 roll of that
 and used it to make a table runner in the center of the tables.
It's narrow so it worked perfectly.
I do this all the time - just cut the ends in a big V like you do ribbons and it looks great!

 Then I made big balloon bouquets for the center of the table using balloons,
 black and white polka dot, chevron and striped paper lanterns from the Dollar Tree, and streamers of crepe paper and plastic ribbon. easy and inexpensive.
And I could do it a few days ahead!

If you've been reading the blog for very long then you will remember these "props" from some of my workshops I've led for teachers.
I brought them in and used them to decorate one of the side tables.
This table had a big photo collage of our time together
during the Confirmation classes, retreat, and meals.
And the gift bags held little photo albums I put together for each girl and a little gift that was from an inside joke from our overnight retreat - notice I didn't say SLEEPover!!!

 If you want to cheer up a big, boring gym
then I recommend black and white  polka dots and stripes!!

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