Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Official Start of #summerinthesouth !!

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I'm always so happy when I can start using that hashtag!!
( I know it's not Summer Solstice yet but Memorial Day is OUR kick-off in the South)
#summerinthesouth is an amazing time.
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Yeah, it's hot. Really hot.
But we know it's coming and we are nothing if not prepared.

We have special Summer wardrobes.
the Boys of Summer!
Lots of refreshing blue blooms in the yard.

We go to hole-in-the-wall, only open in the Summer restaurants with views like this.

We do some serious porch-sittin'.

Day and Night!!


 We eat outside. Every meal. Starting with coffee on the porch in the morning!
Honestly, most of our cooking is done outside, too!
Summer food looks pretty good!

We don't just eat on the porch.
Epic games of darts go down every weekend.
And sometimes we get off the porch and play some serious games of horseshoes!!
(or Cornhole, if that's your game!)
This is the backyard of a friends' neighbor!!
He invited us over to play horseshoes last Summer.
He is a professional Horseshoes player!!!
It's an awesome set up.
We had so much fun.
And, yeah, he won :)


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