Monday, May 4, 2015


Sooooo, the BIG reveal,
the ORC reveal,
is sneaking up roaring up on me.
I know some people are going to have amazing, fully completed rooms to show off
 on Wednesday and Thursday.
I have some show and tell of my own.
I'm saving what I do have for the bid Ta-Da moment on Thursday.
What I won't have is every little detail completed.
But I'm pretty happy the room is painted and cleaned out.
( Buh-bye green!!)
I'm excited that the bargain of all time Goodwill find daybed is in the room.
I know that I will have to keep working on the room after the "reveal' day and that's okay.
The inspiration rooms are rooms that "evolved"
and are full of art, found items and travel souvenirs.
That's what I wanted from the start.
I can't run out and purchase those things.
For more than one reason.
One of which is that I decided to do this on rather short notice and with no budget planned. That meant I had to get creative and come up with solutions
 that fit the look and the non-existent budget.
Challenge accepted.
I also found out that 6 reveal days and 5 weeks are a pretty tight window to create a room from start to finish. By yourself. With life going on and getting in the way!!
I also learned that I really do most of my projects late at night and that choosing the room next to the Master Bedroom was a bit of an issue.
 ( If I had chosen to do the master - forget about it!)
My husband is early to bed and early to rise
 so my time to work on the room had to be little bits of time
 I could carve out of my daily schedule.
Which meant not much time at all.
( Where does the day go??)
I did learn a lot:
I love all the white.
And the light in the room because of all the white.
I found some pretty awesome "finishing touches" when I went thrifting.
( I saw this pineapple-y looking lamp while looking for wicker lampshades.
There was a pair at the thrift store!! I didn't need them but they had possibility!!)
 I shopped the house.
I am holding out 'til I find the lampshades I need and want. I'd rather be unfinished and have naked lightbulbs then give up and settle.
I think the ORC should be the full 6 weeks not 6 reveal days and 5 weeks.
I'm lobbying for that extra week.
The planned mirror didn't fit. Sometimes the measurements aren't the whole story. You just gotta see it all together to know. I'll wait. It was going to be the pop of green.
Green will be popping elsewhere for now.
I'll keep looking for a great mirror - bamboo or one to paint green like the original plan.
I'm sure there's more but
I would do the ORC again.
It's that awesome.

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