Thursday, March 10, 2016


I've been thinking about ponds lately.
I guess I've been pondering.

Small garden pond surrounded by a green and white garden. Beautiful backyards- love the way the pond is framed by the cobbles, makes it look much more interesting:
We have two small water feature/ponds in our backyard.
I have these ponds because little goldfish ponds are a part of my 
childhood Lowcountry South Carolina memories. 

I love to be near water.

 30 Beautiful Backyard Ponds And Water Garden Ideas:

They basically flank each end of our screened porch.
 The idea was the soothing sound of trickling water wherever we sat.

 Water garden Grand palace, Bangkok, Thailand:

Fifty weeks out of the year they are fabulous.
Relatively care free, soothing sounds 
and a flash of a bright orange fish from time to time.
But in the Spring the dreaded "pond cleaning" weeks 
cause me to think crazy" get rid of the ponds" thoughts.
Luckily I get past that.
The structure of our Soul is reflected in the numerous orbs that are now appearing in our world. #newrussianknowledge
Mossy stones and enveloping ferns and hostas integrate this cool pond and solitary sitting area into the woodland garden.  ah...... to be sitting there with a cup of coffee.....:
This year however one must be moved for a variety of reasons and the other sprung a leak last year that could not be repaired from the top side and without removing all the rocks and some plants to lift up the liner and assess the situation. Oy!

urban garden in London, photographed by Clive Nichols / Magic Garden <3:

Soooo, there is no soothing trickle of water while as we begin 
to venture out into our backyard for Spring.
 I am in my rainboots knee deep in mud in our ponds.
I'm beginning to think those crazy 
"get rid of the ponds or one pond is more than enough" thoughts.
But to keep my eye on the ball, so to speak, I have been pinning some pond inspiration.
Formal white garden ~ Claus Dalby:

This is the Charleston garden of the late Emily Whaley.
If you love down-to-earth Southern women and hearing their thoughts on everything including gardening, then read her delightful book.

 Emily Whaley’s Garden, Charleston, South Carolina. Designed by Loutrel Briggs in 1940 and tended faithfully for almost 50 years by Emily Whaley, the garden is small and secluded in Charleston’s historic district

So while my pond situation looks like this I'll keep my eye on the inspiration photos :

All of the  pretty images in this post are from my 
Garden and Yard Pinterest Board.
You can find the original sources there.

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