Thursday, April 28, 2016

ORC Post 4.0 - Library Progress and New Favorites!!!

This week I am still painting away in the "Black is Back Library."
(I spent the weekend in the yard on Saturday - so.much.mulch.
 and Sunday at the Braves game with my youth group. )
I love it but I am ready to wash the brush and be finished painting.

The mirror is now gold and rather fabulous. Check that off the list :)

I have made a decision about window treatments 
and will be giving an inexpensive pair of IKEA curtains some major love.
 Fingers crossed the trim idea I have works out. Like it's available and on sale :)
And then there's the part where I will be using my limited sewing skills.
 Like I said, "Fingers Crossed!"

Since I am spending hours in the room we call the Library and haven't cracked a book I thought I would share this:
Interesting article about bookshelf style from House Beautiful 
and how it reflects your personality.
 Sometimes I think it's less about my personality and more about my crazy schedule that dictates the state of my home :)   Or it maybe it is all about my crazy :))))

Lampshade size is hard y'all. And yes, those cushions are still awful.

Sorry about the grainy iPhone pics but somewhere under all that plastic dropcloth action and stacked furniture is the SD card for my camera*
(*Please refer to the above comment about my crazy!!! )
In addition to redoing or at least improving a room in your home during the 5 weeks/6 posts of the  One Room Challenge there is another long lasting bonus!
You get to see what 20 designers and a gazillion guest bloggers are doing.
 The ideas are great and there is a period of camaraderie. 
And for me I usually discover a new blog or IG feed that I want to follow.

 This year I have been reunited with a blog I had forgotten about and am now obsessed with and that is Anne Tollet's Hanover Avenue. 

(one of Anne's rooms!)
She is a hoot and those videos are fantastic.

And I have thoroughly stalked Amanda Louise Interior's new blog and IG feed.
 I love her style and her witty posts. (She's adorable, too!)
And she loves her pooch as much as I love my two!!
 She can't get enough on that feed fast enough to suit me.

When I find new blogs or feeds I go back to the beginning and read them like a book.
 I haven't done that in a while but these two are fabulous.
If Amanda Louise was on Hanover Avenue it would be everything!!

They are colorful and original and so refreshing
 after so many homogeneous rooms on Pinterest.
 I loved this article by Lesli DeVito on that subject
 (There's another blog I read from start to finish 
and now Lesli's new adventure is about to begin. I'll be following along!)

Wish me an incredibly productive week, please!!!
Tick, tock on the ORC clock!!


  1. You are so funny and your library is going to be gorgeous!!!

  2. Love that you're doing a black room! You can never go wrong with black and gold! Can't wait to see the finished room!


  3. Oh your space is really coming along! I hear you about the painting! I am now on my 4th coat for our bathroom vanity.
    Can't wait to see the reveal!

    1. Four coats!!!?! Laura, we are either dedicated and focused or crazy!!! :) Good luck!