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One Room Challenge Inspiration!! (Spring 2016 Edition!) Post 1.5

This is sort of "part 2" of Post 1.*
*Hoping to pull it together soon :)

One Room Challenge Guest Participants, Spring 2016
My focus is on keeping our black walls
 and updating our "Library*."

*Not trying to go all snooty and Downton Abbey on you, as in "Shall we have drinks in the Library before dinner, darling?" but trying to corral all of our books in a way that looks good and add some function and use to a room that got used once a year for years on end when it was the Dining Room!!

And actually other than Christmas week it wasn't the Dining Room it was the "piling stuff on the never used dining table" room.

Below is what it looked like last November/December while we were in the process of moving Mollie the graduate out of her college apartment.
(And some of that still has to be moved, purged, or stored 3 months later!
Oh, to begin with an empty room someday!))

Anyway, on to my ORC inspiration pics.

This room isn't black but it is to die for.
There is black and white stripe involved so that is a winner in my book.
The bookshelves are fabulous and the furniture is bamboo.
All kinds of perfect in one room.

bookcase, unusual rattan chair design:

Our room is more modest in size so that amount of furniture is not going to happen.
But I love that room.

I like the idea of lights above the bookcase and maybe a bit of construction to create a more "built-in" look and a home for the wiring for the lights... not sure...
And the shelves below are white. I'm not sure if I'm going white and crisp for shelves or black and dramatic. 
Right now we have 50/50 in there. 

DIY built in bookcases using kitchen cabinets:

Library Bedroom - love the crown molding.:

I like the swing arm lamps here but our room is a major traffic area and
 we would be whacking into anything that low.
 What a great bedroom, though

And what about this room???

Tour a Designer's Own Luxe, Eclectic Virginia Home //  Library With Black Built-In Bookcase:

Or this one!!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.21.54 AM:

Not Elle Decor worthy but we have some of the same elements going on in our room as the room above. Chandelier with black shades, black walls, black bookcases and dark furniture... hmmm..

How to Create the Perfect Furniture Plan for Your Space//Eclectic library design with a leather Chesterfield and brass sconces.:

The lights in this room come out from the wall.
 I like the look and this could probably be pulled off with an IKEA hack.
 It gives a bit of edginess to the classic bookshelf light idea. 

The grass cloth wallpaper layered with a pair of swanky black bookshelves and sexy brass sconces creates a major impact in a very small amount of space. The simple, yet impactful art just passed the threshold hints at an equally attractive space on the other side.:

And then there is the whole debate on styling the shelves so perfectly or just shoving those books on there in a brilliant, well-read professor lives here kind of look. 
( I mean, if it makes it on Lonny who am I to call it untidy??)

Coal Bucket Photos (1 of 1) - Lonny

And I'm thinking about cramming the mantel full of blue and white.

Chinoiserie Chic: A Chinoiserie Christmas:

And  there's seating and the floor to think about too.
( We have the dog covered though!!)
And don't I wish I needed a library ladder!!

love the chaise lounge - Take Your Home Library To A New Level With These Inspiring Design Ideas:

But first, where do I put tons of books 
for the next 5 weeks???

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All images are from my Pinterest Boards Addiction!

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