Thursday, April 7, 2016

Black Is Back! ORC Post 1

In my case it never went anywhere!!

I always post a comment and tell them to hop on board.
Our black room has been black for over 10 years 
and in my house that is an ALL TIME record!!!

Let's get real - I talk about my love for white quite often!

I think this is true but in this instance the touch is pretty major.
As in, this room is black!

So, what "touch" does a black room need??

I'm planning to figure that out.
I still loooove the black walls.
(Sherwin Williams Tricorn in gloss)
When I painted them this room was our dining room.

(Photo taken  Christmas 2010. Do you love the touch of green the Swiffer brings to this picture?? Oops!)

We added a gas fireplace because I had always wanted a dining room with a fireplace. 
Shortly after that we reconfigured our eat-in kitchen, put in two huge windows that filled the space with light, added a farm table and never ate in the dining room again -
 except for Christmas.

( You can see how glossy the black walls are in this picture!)

I felt like we could make better use of the space so I asked for inexpensive IKEA bookcases in black for Christmas (quick fix cause we'd probably still be waiting to do built ins!!) 
several years ago
 and started to think of the room as a "library" of sorts. 
And really not much has happened in the last few years.
(Except the room became very dated looking!)

( Lots of b/w toile back in 2010!!)

 Another pair of bookcases - that happen to be white and two wing chairs booted out of the family room when it got a coat of paint and a bit of zhushing- were moved in there.
The window treatments have been there a looooong time, I took down a wall of plates over the fireplace, stole the sconces for an One Room Challenge and then we got busy, forgot about doing anything in there and the room has become sad and dated.

It is time to pull this on trend (again) black room back into style.

And the best motivation for that??
Yep, jump on the ORC bandwagon!!

So this challenging room, which is a major traffic path in our downstairs and has two door openings, two full length windows and a fireplace in one small room, is my One Room Challenge spot for Spring 2016. 

Follow along on Intagram for updates, questions, decisions and hopefully progress between the weekly post!!
And be sure to check out my ORC Post 1.5 for a few updates
(Just couldn't wait and post on Thursday!)



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