Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Little Gold Nativity Ornaments

Mollie and I wanted a little surcie
 (Surcie: Definition (n): word used in the South to mean a small, thoughtful gift, unexpected gift, just because.)

for the guests at our Ladies Christmas Brunch
 that we hosted at the beginning of December.

This is what we decided on...

A little handmade Nativity ornament.
We needed to make quite a few so something we could mass produce was key.

We started out with a 4x4 canvas from Dick Blick.

I drew these free hand but you could trace pencil lines or even use a stencil. 
This is just white glue. Plain old Elmer's or something equivalent to that. 
Practice on a scrap of paper to get the feel for the flow and line consistency. 

Then just draw your image on your little canvas and let it dry completely.
Then we chose to spray paint ours with our favorite gold spray paint that we have talked about here and here and here.

I glued a little gold ribbon hanger on the back.

I love cello bags ( which I order from Nashville Wraps)
 so we packaged them up,
 put them in a bamboo basket on our doorside bamboo cart,
 and handed them out with a hug as our guests left!


  1. They are adorable - love the gold and a surcie for everyone is the best! Happy Wednesday!!